“A River Runs Through It” (Chinese Drama 2021) Book Summary & More!!

Hello Readers! Hope you are doing well… From our heading, I am sure you have guessed what we are going to talk in our today’s post, “A River Runs Through It,” one of the best Chinese drama, I have ever seen.

In this post, I am going to cover every insight regarding the show, so if you are willing to know them all, then make sure to read our post, till the end.

Summary of “A River Runs Through It”.

A River Runs Through It” drama is all about youths…  One who wants the feeling of the old days must watch this drama. This one is a perfect example of a youth’s life.

Many Precious bonds like friendship, bond with parents and partners are delightfully represented. In the whole drama, we will see how a bunch of friends support, understand, and encourage each other. And after all those Misunderstandings and obstacles the purity in their relationship remains the same.

A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It, drama is gonna make you smile, blush and cry in a single moment. The show is not only about love and friendship it also represents the bonds and a sense of responsibility of parents and children, that they have for each other.

Anyone can easily see their story in this drama, rather than this, the drama also shows the struggle of middle-class children on their path to success.

Everything About “A River Run Through It”

The drama is Aired: Aug 2, 2021 – Sep 1, 2021

  • Also Known As Shang You, Yan Lei De Shang You
  • Screenwriter: Jin Yuan Yuan
  • Director: Sha Wei Qi
  • Genres: Comedy, Youth, Romance, School.

It is Adapted from the Novel “Yan Lei De Sang You“.

The main characters who are seen in the show are Richards Wang who is playing the role of  Lu Shiyi and Hu Yi Xuan who is appeared as Xia Xiaoju. The show has a total of 36 episodes.

 “A River Runs Through It” Book Summary

The drama starts with the entry of Xia Xiaoju (main), the girl who has to transfer to a new town and new school because of some family matter. Where she meets her new neighbors and also classmates. She meets the compassionate Cheng Lang, the straightforward  (Wang Ruichang), the often dazed Qiu Letao, and many others.

Their first meeting was hilarious. Xia Xiaoju and her dad were celebrating moving into a new home. She was afraid of firecrackers and as her father fire them she accidentally threw them, unfortunately, they landed on the bicycle of Shiyi and lit his butt. And this is how their journey begins. As she is a transferred student and she is transferred just before the entrance exam of national college. so, that was hard for her to score good marks in this Shiyi and Cheng Lang help her.A River Runs Through It

And with the help of her friends, she cleared the exam and they were all admitted to a well-known college. After that, Xia Xiaoju begins to fall in love with Cheng Lang but finds out that Chen Lang likes her close friend Lin You, while Lin You has a crush on Yuan Ancheng. Meanwhile, Xiaoju does not notice that her protector and guardian Lu Shiyi has fallen for her.

But a sudden twist of the breakup of Lin You with Yuan Ancheng changes everything. At her lowest, Cheng Lang supported her and took care of her. As result, Lin You also fell for him. These all things hurt Xiaoju that much, that she underestimated herself and can’t even see the care and affection of Shiyi for her. On other hand Shiyi who is the most hurt person among them, all can’t do anything but helping and caring her silently. And at last, he confesses his feelings for her but she only took him as her best friend.

Everything was going smoothly. But some sudden news of leaving university and an unexpected entry of Yuan Ancheng disturbed everything. He came back with an unbelievable truth. That he has an accident in abroad and was badly injured. Also Lin you came to know that he hadn’t cheated on her but it was her mother who forced him to do so. Now Cheng lang has decided to go to another city for starting his own business and Lu Shiyi was chosen by his department as an exchanged student.

A River Runs Through It, isn’t fully uploaded but we can expect that Xiaoju will understand her feeling for him after he left China for further studies.  And that’s how this one has a happy ending with their marriage.

Effect of “A River Runs Through It” on social media

“A River Runs Through It” viewers are mostly satisfied.. . All are enjoying the drama and chemistry between actors. whereas some of them can resonant with some scenes.

On other hand, Some are falling for the characters. Overall this drama is worth watching, I promise you will never regret it 🙂

A River Runs Through It- Official Teaser

You can watch it on youtube channels, Rakuten Viki, Asian Tv, and so on for free with English subtitles. Here we have uploaded the official teaser of the A River Runs Through It, enjoy 🙂

The Cast Of “A River Runs Through It”

  • Richards Wang

    Lu Shi Yi

    Main Role

  • Hu Yi Xuan

    Xia Xiao Ju

    Main Role

Support Role

  • Chen Bo Hao

    Cheng Lang

    Support Role

  • Judy Qi

    Lin You

    Support Role

  • Jiang Zhuo Jun

    Qiu Le Tao

    Support Role

  • Tan Quan

    Huang Jun

    Support Role

  • Kiwi Lin

    Xu Meng Lu

    Support Role

  • Huang Hai Bing

    [Lu Shi Yi’s father]

    Support Role

  • Brian Chang


    Support Role

  • Bao Ma

    [Chemistry Teacher]

    Support Role

  • Lin Sheng Yi

    Bao Xiang Xiang

    Support Role

  • Gao Ran

    Yuan An Cheng

    Support Role

  • Liu Tao

    Xia Li Dong [Xiao Ju’s father]

    Support Role

  • Zheng Wei Li

    Feng Keyu [Xiao Ju’s mother]

    Support Role

  • Feng Jia Yi

    Teacher Zhang [Head Teacher]

    Support Role

  • Yang Yu-Ting

    Ding Wan Fang [Cheng Lang’s mother]

    Support Role

  • Yang Tong Shu

    Li Xiao Hong [Shi Yi’s mother]

    Support Role

  • Yakisa

    Gu Xiao Ling [Xiao Ju & Le Tao’s roommate]

    Support Role

  • Vincent Wei

    Chang Le

    Support Role

Terminal Lines

Now I think, it’s time to end our post, but stay tuned for more updates regarding the show.

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