Amy Robach Divorce Or Still Together Complete Relationship!

Amy Robach Divorce: Amy Robach’s long-standing and seemingly happy marriage to Andrew Shue made headlines because of the news of her suspected romance with her “Good Morning America” co-host T.J. Holmes. They’ve been together for a long time. With a long career under his belt before meeting his future wife, Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach has been happily married to her husband Andrew Shue for 12 years.

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Exactly Who Is Amy Robach’s Spouse?

Amy Robach Divorce
Amy Robach Divorce

Amy and Andrew, then both 49, tied the knot in 2010 following a brief 10-month courtship. They had both recently divorced when they fell in love with one another.

In 1996, the morning show host wed her first spouse, baseball star Tim McIntosh. They were married for 12 years before calling it quits in 2008. Andrew, likewise, was divorced from Jennifer Hageney in 2008.

Andrew, a Michigander, stayed by Amy’s side after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, even though he knew the diagnosis would put a strain on their relationship.

She recounted the difficult time in their marriage to People in 2015, saying, “This was not something I would wish on anyone’s marriage.” They “threw everything up in the air” and went through a bad patch that lasted “many months.” 2013 saw her enter remission following a double mastectomy and a round of chemotherapy. Since then, her cancer has been completely gone.

The couple’s bond survived the trials they faced and emerged stronger than before. Amy also said at the time, “We felt that if we could just come back to what our relationship was about… then we could get through it.”

They were able to get through the “challenging” times because they had a “basis of incredible passion and respect,” the Emmy winner exclusively told Closer Weekly. Amy said in 2018 that “it’s challenging, but we work hard at it.” We’d been to couples counseling. I can’t believe it. We’ve both been to couples counseling at various stages in our marriage, and we both agree that it’s been crucial to our happiness together.

How Many Children Do Amy Robach And Andrew Shue Have?

Amy and Andrew have never started a family together, but they each have several children from previous relationships. The journalist and her ex-husband have two daughters, Ava and Annie, and Andrew and his ex-wife have three boys, Nate, Aidan, and Wyatt.

Is Andrew Shue And  Amy Robach Divorce?

Amy Robach Divorce:
Amy Robach Divorce:

In early November of 2022, Amy’s Instagram fans noticed that Amy was not wearing her wedding band in several images. This sparked separation rumors between Amy and Andrew. The couple was last seen together in June of 2022, but they appear to be legally married as of that time. T.J. Holmes, co-anchor of The Better, and Marilee Fiebig’s husband have been spotted smiling and laughing together in public since. Multiple accounts claim that during the episode airing on November 13, the coworkers were on a weekend break at a cottage in the Shawangunk Mountains. However, it is unclear from the dialogue if these two are romantically involved or merely friends.

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Is Andrew Shue And  Amy Robach Still Together?

Amy Robach Divorce:
Amy Robach Divorce:

By early November 2022, people had begun to speculate that Amy and Andrew had separated when they observed that she was not wearing her wedding band in some of her Instagram posts. In June of 2022, the couple was last spotted together in public, yet they appear to still be legally married.

T.J. Holmes, who is married to Marilee Fiebig, has been seen cuddling up to the Better author. According to images obtained by the Daily Mail, the coworkers spent the weekend of November 13 in a cottage in the Shawangunk Mountain area. Both parties have been coy about their relationship status, however.

At press time, In Touch had not heard back from Amy and T.J.’s teams despite several attempts.

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