Assassins Pride Season 2 Release Date: Is it Officially Confirmed?

The Assassin’s Pride series is an unusual one that doesn’t have much appeal. A dystopian fantasy world where danger lurks around every turn, human or not, is the setting. Assassin’s Pride, a light novel by Kei Amagi and drawn by Nino Nimomoto, is the basis for the anime.

Sentai Filmworks has the anime’s rights to distribution. The narrative is predictable and the characters lack the depth, to begin with, making it difficult to enjoy the story. There are a lot of cliched plots in this narrative, and it doesn’t have the ability to maintain viewers’ attention for long.

However, the title of the anime is a good fit for the story. The world’s structure has limited the possibilities of the characters. The anime version, on the other hand, omits portions of the text. Episodes of the first season clock in at 12. Assassin’s Pride Season 2 information has been released.

Assassin’s Pride Season 2 Release Date

On October 10th, 2019, the first season of the anime debuted. It is believed that the second season will be published sometime in 2021, given the author is currently active and releasing stuff on a regular basis. Even so, it’s impossible to say for sure. We can expect season two in 2022.

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Assassin’s Pride Season 2 Cast

The Japanese voice of Kufa is provided by Yuuki Ono. Shizuoka, Japan, is where he grew up. Team YouTak, which he shares with fellow seiyuu Takuya Eguchi, is where he can be found.

Melida’s Japanese voice actor is Tokyo native Tomori Kusunoki.assassins pride season 2

Assassin’s Pride Season 2 Storyline

The plot revolves around Melida Angel, a 13-year-old aristocrat, and Kufa Vampir, her tutor. Survivors of this world on the edge of extinction are barely able to keep their heads above water. Humans are now extinct everywhere save in Flandore, a city-state in the northwestern hemisphere. In spite of the current terrible situation, there is still discrimination between commoners and nobles.

A glass dome surrounds each of the state’s cities, preventing lycanthropes, a frightening beast that lurks in the dark, from infiltrating the population. Other than taking on the role of instructor for Melida, Kufa has been assigned a covert assignment by the Angel family: to destroy Melida in the event that she is unable to create mana. She had previously been subjected to bullying at a prominent school as a result of her failure to achieve academically.

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Melida was born into the Paladin nobility, one of the world’s three main aristocracies, and was raised as a member of that family. Despite her lack of inherent skill with Mana, she makes an effort to improve herself on a daily basis. Kufa is a member of the “Guild Jack Raven” and possesses the mana abilities of a character of the “Samurai” class. For Kufa, it took a long time before he came to the conclusion that Melida must be killed.

Kufa, on the other hand, was impressed by Melida’s excitement, confidence, and trust in herself throughout the conflict, and he ignored orders from his superiors and went against the grain. When he discovered that Melida could utilize her strength and mana to her advantage, he kept it a secret from everyone, including his guild and even the Angel family. As they seek to maintain their anonymity, they discover that tougher challenges are the least of their worries.

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