Bo Jackson Net Worth 2022: How Much Is Jackson Worth Right Now?

Bo Jackson Net Worth: Bo Jackson, a world-class athlete, has amassed a truly amazing fortune. Jackson is the only legend in sports history to be named an All-Star in both baseball and football. Yes, he has earned his reputation as a legendary sports figure. Throughout his career, Jackson was a dual-sport athlete who also appeared in numerous commercials. Plus, he’s a lot more than just a sports star. Bo Jackson, for example, has acted in films and worked as a banker. Read the article to find out Bo Jackson net worth, salary, earnings, wife, and other information.

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Bo Jackson Early Life

Jackson was born on November 30, 1962, and he grew up in Bessemer, Alabama. He is the eighth of 10 kids. Vince Edwards was his mother’s all-time favorite actor, therefore he was named after him. As he was always getting into trouble, he earned the nickname “wild boar hog” from his loved ones.

He went to high school in McCalla, and as a senior, he rushed for 1,175 yards for the football team. Jackson, a senior for the McCalla baseball team, hit 20 home runs during his season and played in 25 games. In the decathlon, he won the state title twice. Twice he won the state decathlon title, he had such a large points lead going into the 1500-meter run that he didn’t even have to run it. The only thing he didn’t like about running was the distance, he remarked. Both the indoor high jump and the triple jump that Jackson performed in 1982 were state school records in their respective states.

Bo Jackson Career


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Jackson was slated to join a professional football team after completing his undergraduate degree. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers used the first overall pick in the 1986 NFL Draft to draft him. While visiting the Buccaneers’ facilities, an incident occurred that caused him to miss the remainder of his senior year of college baseball. The Buccaneers misrepresented the visit as being sanctioned by the NCAA, and as a result, he was not allowed to participate in any collegiate sports.

In his mind, the Buccaneers’ failure to get NCAA approval was an intentional ploy on their part to encourage him to play professional football instead of baseball. So he declined to sign with them and instead went to play professional baseball for the Kansas City Royals, who had picked him in the 1986 amateur draft.

Jackson played 53 games for the Royals’ Class AA minor league affiliate, the Memphis Chicks, throughout his three-year, $1.07 million contract. In September of 1986, he was promoted to the majors, and by 1987, he was a regular member of the Royals’ roster. When the Kansas City Royals waived him in 1991 due to an injury, the Chicago White Sox came calling with a three-year deal that guaranteed him $700,000 annually and included a performance bonus worth $8.15 million.

Jackson spent 1991 and 1993 with the White Sox, sitting out 1992 due to hip replacement surgery. At the age of 32, he retired from baseball after finishing his career with the California Angels in 1994.

Football Career

Bo Jackson Net Worth
Bo Jackson Net Worth

Jackson was taken by the Raiders of Los Angeles with the 183rd overall pick in the 1987 NFL Draft. Jackson was initially uninterested and dedicated to focusing on his baseball career, but he warmed up to the idea of playing in the NFL after hearing that Raiders owner Al Davis was cool with him playing both sports at once. Despite missing NFL games, he negotiated a five-year, $7.4 million deal that would allow him to finish each MLB season in its entirety before reporting to the Raiders. Moreover, Davis reportedly offered Jackson a $500,000 signing bonus on top of the highest salary ever given to a player who was not a quarterback in NFL history.

At the end of his four years in the NFL, Jackson had rushed for 2,782 yards and 16 touchdowns on an impressive 5.4 yards per carry. He had 40 receptions for 352 yards and two scores. His career as a professional football player ended in January 1991 when he dislocated his hip during a tackle. As a consequence, he developed avascular necrosis in his left hip and needed a hip replacement. The Royals waived him because of this injury, and he never fully recovered, forcing him to retire in 1994.

Other Work

In addition to “Tecmo Bowl” for the NES, “Bo Jackson’s Hit and Run” for the original Game Boy, “Bo Jackson Baseball” for the NES and IBM-compatible computers, “ESPN NFL Football”, “NFL Street 2”, “Madden 15”, and “Madden 16” all feature Jackson. Several television appearances have also been logged by him. His television credits include roles in the NBC Saturday morning cartoon “ProStars,” as Calvin Farquhar on “Married…with Children,” “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” “Diagnosis Murder,” and as a guest star on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” in 1990.

Bo Jackson Net Worth & Salary

Bo Jackson Net Worth
Bo Jackson Net Worth

A staggering $25 million is Bo Jackson net worth. Furthermore, he has amassed a respectable sum as a player by the time of his retirement. Jackson originally debuted as a professional baseball player in the year 1986. His starting pay was $60,000 per year. Beginning in the following year and continuing for the next three years until 1991, Bo was a constant star on the football field.

Jackson made an annual salary of $7,400,000 as a football player. Additionally, he made an average of $330,000 per year as a baseball player in 1987. Later, in 1988 and 1989, he made $383,000 and $610,000 respectively. Jackson earned $1,000,000 during his final season with the Kansas City Royals before leaving for the Chicago White Sox. There, his first year’s salary came in at $1,010,000, and the next year, he made $2,410,000.

The following year, Jackson finished his baseball career with the California Angels. That instant, he received a million-dollar paycheck. Bo Jackson made a total of $6.8 million between his baseball pay and his football salary. There was widespread speculation that Jackson earned more than any other NFL player who was not a quarterback.

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Since 1991, Bo Jackson has called the Chicago suburb of Burr Ridge home. He paid $1.08 million for the home but has remained largely unnoticed. He moved in after buying the house shortly after signing with the White Sox.

Bo Jackson’s Personal Life

Linda Jackson, Jackson’s wife, works in the rehabilitation field. The couple is parents to three wonderful kids: boys Garrett and Nicholas and a girl named Morgan. After hanging up his athletic shoes, he made good on his promise to his mom that he would go to college by earning a Bachelor of Science in Family and Children Development from Auburn University in 1995.

Bo Jackson Charity

Bo Jackson has given out two ceremonial first pitches, the first coming in the 2005 World Series for the Chicago White Sox. The other one occurred at Angel Stadium in 2010 before the Home Run Derby.More than that, he spoke during the graduation ceremony at Auburn University.In it, he pushed listeners to try new things and challenge themselves. Now, add Jackson’s role as the face of the Chicago White Sox to that list.

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