Call The Midwife Season 12 Release Date, Cast, And Plot And More Info!

Call the Midwife has been on BBC One for ten years, and fans are getting ready for the return of the popular drama. Screenwriter Heidi Thoman has confirmed that fan-favorite characters like Helen George’s Nurse Trixie Franklin will be in season 12. She has also told me about a new person who has moved into Nonnatus House, but it’s not a baby.  In this article all you need to know about the upcoming series call the midwife season 12 release date, cast, and plot.

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Call The Midwife Season 12: Story

We don’t know much about what will happen in season 12, but we have seen some hints. Thomas told Radio Times, “We are currently filming Series 12, which takes place in 1968. Things were very different for women. Abortions are now legal. People were talking more openly about things like domestic violence. The pill was now available. All of these things were changing how women lived and how they saw the world. This is true for both our regular characters and our guest characters. ” She added, “We’re looking at some very strong stories about the way society was changing at that time.”

Thomas said that the show will also talk about anti-immigration feelings in the UK at the time, as well as revisit some issues from past seasons. Rhoda Mullucks, who was played by actress Liz White, was given thalidomide during her pregnancy in season 4. In season 6, she gave birth to her daughter, Susan, who was born with birth defects because of the drug. In season 12, Rhoda will be expecting another child, which Thomas says “puts [the family] under a certain amount of pressure and gives them a lot to worry about.”

What else could we hope for? “Something pretty great happens to Trixie, and Lucile has to deal with a fair amount of sadness, and what else can I say?” Thomas said. “Sister Veronica, a new nun, is going to join the group.”

Call The Midwife Season 12: Cast

Fans will be glad to hear that Helen George, who plays Trixie Franklin, will be back for the new season. The star left the show halfway through the last season to go on maternity leave, and in November 2021, her daughter Lark was born. The Twitter account for the show posted a picture of the actress with the message: “NEWS! Trixie’s back! @helen_george makes her return to #CallTheMidwife series 12 filming.”

At this point, it looks like all of the main characters, like Stephen McGann as Dr. Turner and Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne, will be back. Nurse Crane will probably be played by Linda Bassett again, and Shelagh Turner will be played by Laura Main.

Call The Midwife Season 12: Released Date

Yes, there will be a 12th season of Call the Midwife. The show has been picked up through the 13th season. According to the BBC, the show has been renewed in the UK through 2024, which means there will be seasons 12 and 13. Each new season will have eight episodes and a special for Christmas.

Heidi Thomas, the show’s creator, writer, and executive producer, said this about the extra seasons: “It’s an incredible privilege to be able to look back on a decade of Call The Midwife, and yet know that our journey is still very far from over. We are thrilled to be going on for a few more years! Like Nonnatus House itself, we have a proud past but an even more exciting future – full of old favorites, fresh faces, higher hemlines, and new ideas. The stories we tell are like babies – they never stop coming, we love them all, and we vow to do our best by every single one.”

The 12th Season Of Call The Midwife Will Premiere On Netflix When?

According to UK Casting News, season 12 started filming in March 2022, which is the same time as previous seasons. This means that the show should stick to its familiar schedule. In that case, the show will start airing in early 2023, end by spring, and then come to Netflix in the middle to late 2023. Most of the other seasons have come out in September, so we think that season 12 will be on Netflix US in or around September 2023.

It’s not clear when new seasons will be on Netflix in the UK. They usually get new seasons about 2 years after the first one. This means that season 12 won’t come out until at least 2025, and maybe even later. If you have a TV license, you can watch the first 11 seasons and the 12th season on the BBC iPlayer. If you don’t have a TV license, you can also watch Seasons 9 and 10 on BritBox.

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