Season 5 Of “Cobra Kai”: Do Sam And Miguel Break Up?

Even though Sam and Miguel have been together since season 1, their relationship has been rough. It has caused problems between them and some of their peers, and the situation is now kind of on-again, off-again. By the end of season 3, though, they get back together and are both part of Daniel and Johnny Lawrence’s (William Zabka) Miyagi Do/Eagle Fang joint dojos. But, does their relationship last until season 4? Or does their constantly changing relationship hit another rough patch? What you need to know about Sam and Miguel in season  is as follows: Do Miguel and Sam break up or together

Cobra Kai Has Several Qualities That We Appreciate.


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We like a lot of things about Cobra Kai. The first thing that comes to mind is the continuation and expansion of the movies that were so important to the culture of the 1980s. How much do these characters have grown? The fight scenes! What people did But on a smaller scale, what keeps us coming back to Cobra Kai is that it always leaves us wanting more.
That works on both an episode-by-episode and a season-by-season level. I don’t think I’ve ever watched just one episode of Cobra Kai, and each season ends with cliffhangers and plot threads that will be continued in the next season, leaving viewers excited, energized, and thirsty for more.

Here’s a Season 4 Summary Before The Show’s Comeback.

Season 4 of Cobra Kai picks up right where season 3 left off. Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, who have been rivals for as long as they can remember, must work together and train their respective dojos to take down Cobra Kai, led by John Kreese (Martin Kove), for good.

The two manage to keep the peace for a while by teaching their students both Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang. Sadly, even good things must come to an end. The two find it hard to respect each other’s ways, and they soon decide to split their dojos permanently.

Over at Cobra Kai, Robby (Tanner Buchanan), Johnny’s estranged son and a former student at Miyagi-Do, and Tory (Peyton List), a troubled teen, have officially embraced the destructive side of karate. Not only are they eager to beat the other dojos, but they are also ready to kill their rivals/ex-lovers, Miguel (Xolo Mariduea) and Sam (Mary Mouser).

Once Miguel and Sam get back together, Robby and Tory become very jealous. However, they get closer and even go to prom together. As expected, when they show up, the four kids fight at the dance, and the fight carries over to the after-party because, let’s face it, none of these kids know how to talk things out.

Speaking of Sam, she spends the first half of Season 4 trying to move on from Tory’s brutal attack. Luckily, her mother, Amanda (Courtney Henggeler), steps in to stop Tory from bothering her daughter. Things go wrong after Amanda accidentally gets Tory fired from her job, which she needs to support her family.

Do Miguel And Sam Break Up In Cobra Kai season 5?

Miguel and Sam love each other, but now is not a good time to tell each other. In Episode 3, Sam ends the relationship, saying that she needs to work on herself first before she can commit to them again. They’re both sad, but Sam thinks this is the best thing to do. For now, at least. The two decide they can try to be friends. At first, it’s awkward, but they stay on good terms for the rest of the season.

The two stay close as they work together to fight Cobra Kai and Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), but Sam gets upset when she sees Miguel kissing another girl at a party. She knows that she still wants to be with Miguel, but since she ended their relationship, she can’t be mad at him. In the second-to-last episode, they talk things out and are back on track.

Do Miguel And Sam End Up Together In Cobra Kai Season 5?

Like I said, Miguel and Sam, don’t ever lose feelings for one another, despite having broken up. In the end, they do get back together, and they even tell each other for the first time that they love each other. They kiss, and it’s back on!

In Cobra Kai season 5, it was pretty clear that Miguel and Sam would end up together, but it’s still so heartwarming to see. Be sure to watch the new season, which has 10 new episodes that you can now watch on Netflix.

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