Does Mikasa Die In Attack On Titan? Who Kills Mikasa?

It’s hard to overstate how important Mikasa Ackerman is in Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan. Her importance may be much greater than you think. In the series, Mikasa is a very important character. Her character development was excellent, and she is one of the most important ones. In honor of her, we will tell you here if does Mikasa die in Attack on Titan and what her final fate was.

Attack on Titan ends with Mikasa Ackerman still alive. She dies of old age as a human, but it is decades after the main plot. She kills Eren Yeager to stop the chaos, and she and her unnamed husband then start a family. Here, we’ll talk about Mikasa’s journey in the last chapters of Attack on Titan. We’ll explain what happened to her and how her story ended in the anime and manga.

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Does Mikasa Die

The narrative of Mikasa is told in the War for Paradis arc and its epilogue. Mikasa Ackerman is among those devoted to stopping Eren’s fury and restoring mankind despite the disclosures presented during the storyline. Does Mikasa die Attack on Titan have a climax?

Mikasa complains that Eren said he hated her during their previous conversation as soon as the group arrives at Fort Salta and she develops a new headache. The group is disappointed to learn that Eren and the centipede survived Armin’s transformation, even if Reiner did not.

Due to the rumbling, Levi thinks Eren’s passing will prevent The Source from reuniting with him, much to Mikasa’s utmost anguish. The Salta warriors are aware that the Source is using smoke to attempt to purify the Indians inside the citadel and turn them into Titans. Levi and Pieck from Falco’s crew also board the ship with Mikasa.

As a result of Mikasa’s getting a bad headache again as they get closer to him, Eren sends Mikasa to a point on the path. Mikasa and Eren have not lived together since they decided to leave the Paradis-Marleyan conflict. Mikasa is crying and wonders if Eren can be there when she sees her. They decided to go and live in peace for the rest of their lives, even though Eren knew that Historia needed to be cared for and that he couldn’t bear to see her suffer or anger anyone outside the gates.

Does Mikasa Die
Does Mikasa Die

Mikasa agrees to Eren’s request that she put his death out of her mind. Mikasa informs me that she can’t get rid of him realistically. Mikasa enlists Levi’s aid in releasing Eren, who has been imprisoned in Titan’s mouth for some time. With a thunder spear, Levi punctures Eren’s enormous jaws. Mikasa walks into the room and pulls Eren’s head off his spine. Mikasa gives Eren a cheek kiss as she bids him goodnight.

Mikasa spots Armin on the front lines holding Eren’s head, and the two express their sorrow together. In a chat they had, Mikasa tells Armin that she plans to bury Eren by herself. They’ve decided to bury him in his favorite napping location under a tree. When she departs, Mikasa sees Ymir’s ghost. She could see that Ymir’s passion for Fritz was an unrecoverable source of anguish. Instead, she thanks Ymir for making the cosmos where she could exist so that she could thank him. Ymir wishes Mikasa a comfortable journey as she returns to Paradis.

Outside of the Shiganshina region of Paradis Island, a small grave for Eren has been dug beside the tree where the kid used to sleep. Three years after Eren’s passing, Mikasa visits the cemetery to let him know that she and her friends will be going there soon. Mikasa collapses in a bout of wailing as she tries to get him back. She begins to sob, but a bird grabs the end of her scarf and holds it before flying away. As she observes the bird taking off, Mikasa thanks Eren for re-wrapping the scarf around her. When she dies in her old age years later and is buried with Eren’s scarf, her new family still comes to the cemetery often.

Will Mikasa Die

Since Mikasa Ackerman is a typical person, the series confirms that she will eventually pass away from old age. These things happen decades after the main storyline of Attack on Titan, but Mikasa still lives to be very old and dies in the end.

Did Mikasa And Eren Die?

Mikasa’s arrival with Eren’s head shortly after confirms it. The Titan power has officially ended with Eren’s death, marking the end of the Titan race as a whole (saving all of those who were forcibly transformed in the penultimate chapter). Following everything, Mikasa grabs Eren’s head and buries him beneath the tree they both cherished.

What Happens If Mikasa Dies?

Some episodes of the show wouldn’t exist if Mikasa Ackerman had perished in the Titan attack, primarily because Mikasa was a part of those episodes’ sequences. These moments also assisted us in humanizing the characters a little bit more. As the protagonist and a part of all those fierce situations, Mikasa also contributed to the “girl-power” element.

What happens At The End Of Mikasa And Eren?

Isayama does use Armin to represent the ethical side—that is, that typically a woman in Mikasa’s situation should move on—but in the end, Mikasa is seen to still be in love with Eren. In the closing scene, Eren and Mikasa’s eternal love vows are renewed.

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Why Did Mikasa Strand Herself In The Middle Of Trost?

Because of her sorrow for Eren’s passing, Mikasa races ahead of her companions and uses up all of her gas in a short period, leaving her stranded amid Trost. She considers surrendering as two Titans move in on her but is inspired to continue fighting by memories of Eren.

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