Dualsense Edge Release Date: When PS5 Controller Will Be Available?

Dualsense Edge Release Date: A brand-new DualSense Edge controller for the PlayStation 5 has been introduced by Sony. With a variety of features like swappable stick caps, mappable back buttons, and custom profiles, this completely configurable DualSense model is the PS5’s equivalent of an Xbox Elite controller. For many PS5 players, the news of this new gadget during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 came as a pleasant surprise. It will undoubtedly help competitive PS5 gamers perform better. Here is everything you need to know about the PS5 DualSense Edge release date, including information on its features, and an estimated cost.

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When Will The PS5 DualSense Edge Controller Be Released?

Dualsense Edge Release Date
Dualsense Edge Release Date

Unfortunately, as of this writing, there is no release date for the PS5 DualSense Edge. The more sophisticated PS5 Controller has yet to be formally released by Sony. Sony said in its official announcement post that in “the months ahead” it plans to “provide more information about the DualSense Edge, including when it will be released.”Given the information above, 2023 seems like a reasonable DualSense release date for the PS5 Edge Controller. We can only hope Sony reveals more information shortly.

What Features Does The DualSense Edge Controller On The PS5 Have? 

The DualSense Edge might look like a pro-standard pad, but its features will show how good it is. So far, it seems like Sony is doing everything it can to make this happen. Most of the time, at least. As you might guess, the Edge will have a lot of different parts. You can change the sticks, the caps on the sticks, and the back paddles to suit your needs. The layout of the controls and how sensitive they are can also be changed. Players will be able to fully customize their button layouts and can also change the dead zones of the sticks and the distance and sensitivity of the triggers.

All of this can be done at any time, right from the controller. A dedicated Fn (function) button will bring up a separate user interface that lets players change the settings of the controller at any time. You can also save profiles for when you need them most. Are you switching from Demon’s Souls to Gran Turismo 7? Switching profiles will make sure that your controls are set up correctly no matter what game you are playing.

Lastly, all of Dual Sense’s best features should be back. When it comes to the Edge, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and motion controls are all present and accounted for. We don’t know yet, though, if these features will be improved in any way on the new controller.

Dualsense Edge Battery Life

Dualsense Edge Release Date
Dualsense Edge Release Date

The Dual Sense’s short battery life is by far its biggest problem. It usually lasts between 4 and 10 hours on a single charge, which is much less than the pads on competing systems. We don’t know much about the DualSense Edge’s battery life yet, but Sony should work hard to make it better than the base pad. even if it only makes things slightly better for a few hours.

Xbox’s Elite Series 2 has a battery life of 35 to 40 hours on a single charge, which is pretty good. We don’t think the Edge will be able to do this since it has a lot of features that the Xbox pad doesn’t have. But we’d like the battery life to be at least 15-20 hours longer.

What Is The Price Of The PS5 Edge Controller? 

We don’t know how much Sony will charge for the DualSense Edge yet, but we can guess based on what we know. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 from Microsoft costs $179.99, £159.99, or AU$249.95. So we would expect Sony’s version of a pro-standard controller to be somewhere around there. But since Sony recently raised the price of the PS5, we wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happened to its accessories. Still, we shouldn’t think the DualSense Edge will cost more than $199.99/£179.99/AU$299.95.

By looking at the prices of other controllers, we might also be able to figure out how much the DualSense Edge costs. The price of the DualSense is $69.99, £59.99, or AU$109.95. The Xbox Wireless Controller, on the other hand, costs $59.99, £54.99, or AU$74.99. If the Edge follows this pattern, it might cost a little more than the Xbox Elite Series 2.

We also don’t know when the DualSense Edge will be available in our homes. On the official PlayStation blog, there is an announcement that says more information will come out “in the months ahead.”

Is It Possible To Pre-Order A PS5 Edge Controller?

Sony hasn’t announced the PS5 Edge Controller’s release date or price yet, so you can’t pre-order it yet. We do know, though, that when it does come out, there will be a lot of cool things to do with it.

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Is There A PS5 DualSense Edge Controller Trailer? 

Check out the official trailer for the PS5 Edge Controller below:

It looks like the PS5 DualSense Edge Controller will be a big improvement over the original PS5 controller. We’ll make changes to this guide when Sony tells us more about the game’s release date, price, and how to pre-order it.

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