Duffer Brothers Net Worth in 2022 How Much They Earned After Stranger Things?

The Duffer Brothers are the collective and individual names by which Matt and Ross Duffer are known in the film industry. Although they are best known for their work as writers, directors, editors, producers, and actors on the Netflix hit series Stranger Things, the North Carolina natives have been active in the entertainment industry for their entire adult lives.

In point of fact, the Duffer Brothers produced their very first film of a length suitable for theatrical release when they were only in the third grade! The dynamic team has also been working on the following projects:

Duffer Brothers Biography And Early Life

On February 15, 1984, the Duffer Brothers were born in the United States. They began proposing their concept for Stranger Things to Dan Cohen, who eventually brought it to Shawn Levy’s attention. The show was swiftly taken up by Netflix thanks to the involvement of Levy’s 21 Laps production firm. Inspired by and stylistically informed by works by Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Stephen King, George Lucas, and other 80s pop culture luminaries, the show is set in Indiana in the 1980s. Aquarius is the sign of the Duffer Brothers, according to astrologers.

A cult following began to form online after its release on July 15, 2016, when it was praised for its tempo and mood, as well as its homage to 1980s science fiction films. An approval rating of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 82 reviews and a weighted average score of 7.96/10 was given to the series. It’s been said that “Stranger Things functions as an addicting homage to Spielberg films and classic 1980s television,” according to the site’s critical consensus.

On August 31, 2016, Netflix renewed the show for the second season of nine episodes, which aired on October 27, 2017, according to the company. After the second season’s eight episodes were broadcast on July 4, Netflix decided to continue the show for a third season.

In 2011, Warner Bros. Pictures bought their script for the post-apocalyptic horror thriller Hidden after they had written and/or directed a series of short films. The film was made in 2012 and released in 2015 by the brothers. After reading the script, director M. Night Shyamalan decided to work with them as co-writers and producers on the Fox series Wayward Pines, which they now produce.

A grip who worked on the Stranger Things set accused the Duffer brothers of verbal harassment in March 2018. Because of the harsh work climate fostered by the Duffer Brothers, the staff member indicated on social media that she would not be returning for Season 3. Netflix investigated and found no evidence of misconduct by the brothers. For their earlier behavior in forcing adolescent actress Sadie Sink to perform an unscripted kiss scene, the brothers were roundly chastised. Sink, on the other hand, claimed she was unconcerned and said as much.

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Duffer Brother’s Net Worth After Stranger Things

The brothers’ net worth is projected to be at $16 million as of 2022. One million dollars is a lot of money for both Matt and Ross because they direct, write, and produce. Stranger Things, on the other hand, is the primary source of their wealth. In North Carolina, identical twins were born in 1984. The brothers had a strong bond from an early age.

 Their love for filmmaking has never faltered since they started creating movies in third grade with a Hi8 video camera.

The Duffer Brothers’ Income / Salary:

Per Year: $1,000,000

Per Month: $83,333.33

Per Week: $19,230.77

Duffer Brother’s Career And Previous Work

In 2011, Warner Bros. Pictures bought the brothers’ script for the post-apocalyptic horror picture Hidden after they had written and directed several short films. They went on to direct the 2015 picture Hidden, which was produced by the brothers. A Fox television series called Wayward Pines then engaged the Duffer brothers as writers and producers. They started making movies right after graduating from Chapman’s Dodge College of Film & Media Arts in 2007.

Short films such as We All Fall Down (2005) and The Milkman launched their career (2008). Hidden, their first feature picture for Warner Bros., was written and directed shortly after that (2015). Following their success on Fox’s Wayward Pines, they were given the opportunity to create Stranger Things. The twins have been nominated for Primetime Emmys and have won numerous other awards, including the People’s Choice Award and the American Film Institute Award in 2016. Their list of accolades is enormous, and they are only 38 years old.

As of right now, the two live in the same Los Angeles neighborhood with their respective partners. Stranger Things appears to be the only thing on their immediate horizon, with the fifth season highly likely to be created.

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Duffer Brother’s Personal Life

There’s been a special affinity between the Duffer brothers since they were kids. In 2019, Ross and his wife acquired a new house, while Matt bought a new house with his girlfriend in the same area. Following allegations of verbal harassment on production, the Duffer Brothers were exonerated by Netflix. Actress Sadie Sink was humiliated earlier this year when the brothers tricked her into an unplanned kissing session. Sink later said that she didn’t mind if this happened to her.

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