What Is The Release Date For Edens Zero Season 2?

Edens Zero Season 2: Hiro Mashima’s Rave Master and Fairy Tail have both received critical acclaim, and now he’s working on his third project, Edens Zero. The anime, which premiered this year and is available only on Netflix, is a new take on the space scientific fantasy genre and will return for a second season in 2019.

The second season of Edens Zero will continue to follow Shiki and Rebecca as they adventure across the Sakura Cosmos, which has proven to be a popular setting for the show. Find out about the Edens Zero Season 2 release date, episode count, synopsis, and general vibe right here.

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Is Edens Zero Season 2 Renewal Announced?

An early peek hinted at of Edens Zero Season 2. It was announced on October 3, 2021, that Shiki and his pals would be continuing their adventure via a tweet from the official EDENS ZERO account. As always, I appreciate your patronage.

All eyes were on EDENS ZERO 2 as the official account promised a “major announcement” on that day. The terrible news that EDENS ZERO director Yshi Suzuki had passed away the previous day at a Tokyo hospital was unfortunately what the announcement turned out to be. The cast and studio for Season 2 of EDENS ZERO have not been announced yet.

Why The Edens Zero Season 2 Release Date Is In 2023?

Edens Zero Season 2
Edens Zero Season 2

There has been no official confirmation of a specific release date for Edens Zero Season 2 from Kodansha, Aniplex, Studio J.C. Staff, or any other company involved in making the anime.

But it has been confirmed that Edens Zero Season 2 will be released in April 2023, so it looks like we’ll be getting an EDENS ZERO sequel after all. This post will be revised and updated after the news has been formally confirmed.

Even before the renewal was announced, fans were confident that the anime would return for a second season because of its connection to Fairy Tail’s author. The “adventure would continue” was the first signal that the anime production committee would have EDENS ZERO renewed, while it was not a confirmation that production on the sequel had been greenlit.

But despite its worldwide debut on Netflix, reviews of EDENS ZERO have been rather negative. The new anime could be written off as “Fairy Tail in space” by some viewers. Maybe it’s because the anime was put in Netflix solitary confinement, but the ratings didn’t improve much in August of 2021.

The streaming numbers on Netflix were the true litmus test, as this is the primary source of income for the modern anime industry. Thankfully, the anime production committee must have deemed the numbers satisfactory as they have renewed EDENS ZERO for a second season.

Edens Zero Season 2 was likely delayed because of the untimely passing of director Suzuki. Because the core team is usually made up of contractors who are booked for specific projects months in advance, it will take a long time to find a good replacement.

Due to this, Edens Zero Season 2 premiere date has probably been delayed by several months, if not a full year. However, by April of 2023, we got confirmation that recording sessions for the audio component had begun.

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Edens Zero Season 2: Synopsis

Shiki and his crew went to the planet Sun Jewel at the end of the first season to look for the Shining Star, Valkyrie. When they land, they find a place that seems peaceful, but Shiki and Homura soon find out that this is because Madame Kurenai is a cruel ruler.

Shiki and Homura are punished for stopping the casino robbery by having to mine metal from alien monsters called Stones. A B-Cube recording shows that Valkyrie left to find Homura’s long-lost mother after they got back together with Rebecca’s group and beat the giant Stone. Unfortunately, Homura’s reunion with her beloved mentor doesn’t go as planned, and she learns a terrible fact about her mother, Madame Kurenai. Worse, the cruel leader of Sun Jewel plans to use Satellite Blaze to destroy the area.

Madame Kurenai faces a revolt, but the rebels are outnumbered by the powerful warriors under her command. It’s time for a new hero to rise with a new armored suit: The Arsenal. Now that the Four Shining Stars have been put together, the crew can finally leave the Sakura Cosmos and go somewhere else. But the infamous Drakken Joe is now planning to take their legendary ship and any treasures it may carry. He also has a strong crew, just like Shiki.

While Drakken Joe’s huge space fortress, the Belial Gore, chases after the Edens Zero, Rebecca has a nightmare that seems too real to be a dream.

Shiki leads an attack on the fortress in search of answers, but they are quickly caught in Drakken Joe’s trap as he moves toward the EDENS ZERO. Now, to protect their home, the crew of Eden must fight for their lives against the Dark Alchemist’s full power. Even though their chances of survival don’t look good, Rebecca has found a new power.

Edens Zero Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer forEdens Zero Season 2 has finally been released. It gives a quick look at how the heroes are getting ready to start their new journey. Before, the official Twitter account for the anime didn’t say much besides the fact that it would come out in 2023. The key visual, which came out on Wednesday, August 17, 2022, wasn’t much help either.

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