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Elaine Culotti, a self-made millionaire who created her real estate brand, is now a contestant in the second season of the Discovery Channel show Undercover Billionaire. On January 6, 2021, the premiere episode of Season 2 aired. Elaine is the founder of the company, a farmer, a real estate developer, an interior designer, and a reality television personality. She says House of Rock is her greatest accomplishment in real estate. On the Undercover Billionaire show, Elaine will demonstrate how to become a millionaire through one’s drive, expertise, and excitement, lifting the spirits of a miserable American who lost his or her job during a pandemic. She is provided with $100, a car, and a phone without WIFI, as well as 90 days, to transform that $100 into $1 million. would you like to learn more about Elaine Culotti? This article has information about Elaine Culotti net worth, career, family, salary, and many other things as of 2022.

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Elaine Culotti Early Life

Elaine Culotti, who was born in 1964 to an English mother and an Irish-American military father, is now 56 years old. On July 20, 2020, Elaine will reach the age of 56. Elaine traversed the world as a child while her father served in the military. Her mother was an orphan who was left on the street at the age of 18 with only $100 to her name. She gained knowledge as a result of her mother’s fight to survive and advance with a self-sufficient lifestyle. Elaine traveled throughout Europe, stopping in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy. Elaine made her initial investment in textiles and antiques at the age of 14. In her later years of youth, Elaine ran her own shoeshine business, which she eventually sold to a man she was unable to manage well. Elaine repurchased the business and then sold it to another man. As a result, her first business venture yielded substantial profits.

Elaine Culotti Career


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Elaine’s knowledge of the sector began at a young age. She maintained a little shoe-shining company when she was a teenager. At the age of 23, she sold her business to an unknown man. She was unable to successfully run the business, so she was forced to recover it. She then earned a substantial amount of money, which she later sold to a third party.

She began working in the business sector when she began importing and collecting antiques at the age of 14. After that, she launched her own business, a boutique, and a manufacturing facility. After that, she started a group of construction companies, and she is now a very important person in the industry. She has transitioned from a luxury real estate enterprise to one that caters to the gambling sector, from palaces to casinos and hospitals. She is the driving force behind the “House of Rock” in Santa Monica, a 1926 Tudor property that she turned into a modern abode.

Since then, Elaine has been on the Discovery Channel program “Undercover Billionaire.” The narrative confronts her when she comes to California with only $1,000, a cell phone, and a vehicle. In 90 days, she must build from the ground up a successful business.

Elaine Culotti Net Worth

The anticipated Elaine Culotti net worth in 2022 is approximately $200 million. Her thriving real estate business has contributed to her amassing a wealth of that size. In terms of her wealth, she owns the Big Z Ranch in Fallbrook, where she cultivates palm trees, vegetables, and fruits.

Elaine Culotti Personal Life

She is currently single and has never been married. Elaine was, however, married to Gary Culotti at the time. Elaine and her husband’s wedding dates are unknown, but not their own. Elaine Culotti and her husband, Gary, were wed for many years before she chose to divorce him. Elaine and Gary Culotti have two adult children, Leonardo and Jessica Culotti, from their marriage. While Jessica continues to reside in Los Angeles, Leonardo resides in Fallbrook, California. Gary Culotti participated in Elaine’s design and real estate businesses at the time of their wedding. Gary oversaw the manufacturing division of their company. Pictured with Elaine Culotte’s children is her husband.

Gary crafted the furnishings at the Porta Bella facility, a 25,000-square-foot facility that also produces custom drapes, cabinets, and other design elements. Elaine, her husband Gary, and their mutual friend Greg Briles joined forces in October 2010 to purchase and refurbish a Santa Monica mansion. Nevertheless, the partnership swiftly dissolved, and he was slapped with a lawsuit. At the same time, Elaine and Gary decided to separate. Despite their divorce, Elaine and her ex-husband maintain amicable contact.

Elaine Culotti Social Media

Elaine has had the handle @ElaineCulotti on Twitter since November 2020, when she joined.
She utilized Twitter to advertise her television show, Undercover Billionaire. Elaine Culotti posted images of her farm on her Facebook page, explaining that she had to cease farming operations to participate in the television program Undercover Billionaire. The Facebook posts she made about herself earned 114 and 152 likes.

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