Erik Prince Net Worth 2022:How Much Do Mercenaries Make?

Erik Prince Net Worth: Erik Dean Prince is Erik Prince’s full legal name. His name is synonymous with Blackwater Worldwide, the private military firm he founded in the United States. Prince is a businessman and former officer in the United States Navy Seals. In the United States, his family name was already well-known because his father was an influential businessman and engineer.

A business empire named after Edgar’s late father, the Prince Corporation, Johnson Controls is the current owner of the same. In 2016, Erik’s family was reported to be worth $5.4 billion, making them the 88th richest in the United States, according to Forbes’ annual list. What is Erik Prince net worth? How Much Money Did He Make at Blackwater Worldwide?

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Erik Prince Early Life

The youngest of his parents, Edgar D. Prince and Elsa’s, four children, was born on June 6, 1969, in Holland, Michigan. He attended Holland Christian High School and ultimately graduated. Together, the prince and his father are on a journey around the world, stopping at landmarks like the Dachau concentration camp, post-war Berlin, and the Normandy landing beaches.

His mother said that he “made a great impression” on the young prince, thanks to these travels. Despite his love for the Navy, Prince decided to leave the United States Naval Academy after only three semesters. In 1992, he graduated from Hillsdale College with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He volunteered for both the Hillsdale Fire Department and the Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Office, where he worked as a cold-water diver. The Prince eventually trained to work in the emergency medical field.

In 1990, Prince interned for President George H. W. Bush but left to work for Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R), Reagan’s former speechwriter and a Democrat from California. “A brilliant, determined young man” was how Rohrabacher characterized Prince. At the age of 21, Prince said he had found a mass grave in Nicaragua and then revealed that President Daniel Ortega’s government had killed people.

Prince joined the U.S. Navy as an officer in 1992 after graduating from college and completing Officer Candidate School. He later joined the Navy SEALS and served in Haiti, the Middle East, and the Balkans as part of SEAL Team 8. He says that the Navy SEALs gave him a chance to exercise his business mentality.

According to his book, it was during the Yugoslav Wars in the early 1990s that he saw the necessity for private training centers for special operations. Prince’s time in the United States Navy was cut short in 1995.

Erik Prince Career

Prince quickly completed the requirements to become a Navy SEAL and was sent to Haiti with SEAL Team 8. He moved to Virginia Beach in 1995 after unexpectedly leaving the United States Navy. He started the private military firm Blackwater Worldwide in 1997. Between 1997 and 2010, government security contracts brought in about $2 billion for the firm. Blackwater grew quickly to become the biggest private security company, with 987 security guards working at embassies and military bases all over the world.

Prince’s business, Blackwater, lost a $1 billion contract in 2009 after its employees killed 17 Iraqi civilians and injured over 20 more in Baghdad. The Iraqi government did not renew Blackwater’s operating license, so he lost the contract to guard American diplomatic personnel. On March 2, 2009, Prince resigned from his position as CEO of the company, where he had worked since 2006. Even after the sale to a group of investors in late 2010, he stayed on as chairman of the board. The crown prince of Abu Dhabi employed him in 2010, and he soon after relocated there. While in the UAE, he assisted in the launch of the startup Reflex Responses.

Erik Prince Net Worth
Erik Prince Net Worth

Until April 13, 2021, Erik served as the head of the private equity business Frontier Resource Group. He was also the chairman of Frontier Services Group Ltd., a Chinese-African aviation security firm. In April 2019, Prince offered Khalifa Haftar an $80 million deal in which he would be responsible for supplying aircraft and other military equipment. Despite this, the project was scrapped in June of this year.

The Crown Prince recently made headlines after it was revealed that he intends to charge $6,500 per seat from the people who are flying on a chartered evacuation flight from Kabul, Afghanistan. In addition, Prince clarified that the fee would cover everything associated with boarding and leaving the plane. Travelers who are based in the nation’s capital and need transportation to the airport will be charged a premium.

Erik Prince Net Worth

Erik Prince Net Worth
Erik Prince Net Worth

Erik Prince Net Worth 2022:Erik Prince net worth is thought to be about $2 billion as of 2022. The Prince has given a lot of money to good causes and charities, including political ones. He gave more than $200,000 to the Republican Party between 1998 and 2007. In the same way, he gave $250,000 to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

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Erik Prince’s Personal Life

The Prince splits his time between Middleburg, Virginia, and Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. He became a Catholic in 1992, and he calls himself a member of the church who goes to mass and prays. Prince is the younger brother of Betsy DeVos, who used to be the United States Secretary of Education, and the brother-in-law of Dick DeVos, who used to be the president of Alticor (Amway).

Joan Nicole, Prince’s first wife, died at age 36 of cancer in 2003. She taught Prince about the Catholic faith. The couple had four kids. He later wrote that he had an affair with his children’s nanny, Joanna Ruth Houck, when his wife was dying. In 2004, Prince and Houck tied the knot. He is now married to former Blackwater spokesperson, Stacy DeLuke.

Prince has had seven kids. Charles Donovan Prince, his youngest child, was named after William “Wild Bill” Donovan.

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