Explained: Nezuko Full Demon Form|Can Nezuko Change Her Age?

Nezuko Full Demon Form: Nezuko Kamado is a pivotal figure in the canon of demon-fighting anime known as Demon Slayer. In both the manga and the anime, she is the driving force behind Tanjiro’s decision to train to become a Demon Slayer. Although Muzan Kibutsuji converted Nezuko Kamado into a demon, her transformation was never complete, and she remained an ally of the Demon Slayers, albeit one who wasn’t always able to control her emotions. With the recent introduction of Nezuko’s “Awakened Form” in the anime, we’ll be discussing the various guises she can take on during her change.

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Who Is Nezuko?

Nezuko Full Demon Form
Nezuko Full Demon Form

Kimetsu no Yaiba’s secondary protagonist is named Nezuko Kamado. She is a demon and Tanjiro Kamado’s younger sister; the two of them are the last surviving Kamado family members. Muzan Kibutsuji attacked her when she was human and turned her into a demon.

Though Muzan Kibutsuji successfully transformed Nezuko Kamado into a demon, the process was never completed, and her demon forms only became active over time. In episode 13 of the second season of the anime, Nezuko showed off her new “Awakened Form.” This is a full demonic form in which she goes crazy, gets a lot of power, and looks like an older version of herself.

We’ll be going into more detail on Nezuko’s demonic and human aspects in the following sections of this post. In this book, you will learn more about Nezuko’s transformations, including the “Awakened Form,” and about her return to human form. In this article, we will offer you all the details you require on Nezuko.

How Does Nezuko Perform His Transformations?

Since the specifics of how Nezuko experienced each shift were never made clear, we can only speculate as to the underlying biology. After being infected with Muzan’s blood disease, Nezuko transformed into a demon. Still, she managed to keep a fair amount of her human nature, which allowed her to function as a demon without feeding on human blood and to remain unaffected by light.

Given Tanjiro’s track record of restoring Nezuko’s composure and reversing her alterations, this is likely tied to their friendship. Nezuko and Muzan were each other’s last remaining relatives, and their strong bond probably kept Nezuko from becoming completely corrupted by Muzan’s demonic blood.

How Does Nezuko Transform? 

You should study Nezuko’s backstory because that’s what explains how she became a demon in the first place, and it will give you the full picture. The demon nearly killed Nezuko’s entire family, so the murderer, Muzan Kibutsuji, transforms her into a demon.

At first, she takes a violent approach, even going so far as to attack her lone surviving family member, her brother Tanjiro. Instantly regaining her calm, she lunges in front of him to protect him from Giyu Tomioka as the Hashira tries to attack. Shortly after this, she begins to nod off, and Giyu gives Tanjiro instructions to find a man named Sakonji Urokodaki.

After being taken by her brother to bury their dead parents and siblings, she hides in a cave to wait for her brother to return with a means of transportation before she may join him for the rest of the day. The group then sets off for Sakonji’s residence, but en route, they encounter a demon that has just killed and eaten a family. Tanjiro’s axe hit the demon in the jaw, but he quickly got up and bragged about how much power he could generate.

An angry demon rushes towards Tanjiro, but a single blow from Nezuko to the head sends the monster flying. Tanjiro and Nezuko hang the monster’s head from a tree and throw its body off a mountain, successfully driving away the monster.

Suddenly, Sakonji appears and tells them that their methods are useless against demons. While Tanjiro dilly-dallied about delivering the killing blow, the sun rose and put an end to the monster, sending Nezuko running for protection inside the house.

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How Does Nezuko Regain Her Humanity?

In the Sunrise Countdown Arc, after the Demon Slayer Corps has defeated Muzan in the Final Battle Arc, Nezuko is transformed back into a human. There’s a point in the story where Nezuko jumps up as if she’s picked up on something about the conflict between Tajiro and Muzan. When Sakonji asks the girl a question, she runs into the woods. She knows Tanjiro’s death is coming and is drawn to him.

Kiriya, panicked and unsure of what to do, yell for her to be carried up. As a result of recalling her father’s advice, Kiriya now allows Nezuko to pursue her interests. Urokodaki is still on her tail, but Nezuko is much too quick for him to catch up. She runs up to a cliff and leaps off, crashing to the ground in the forest below. Nezuko is undergoing profound transformations as she makes haste toward the city.

Her black hair and right eye returned to normal. Nezuko grows outraged as she thinks back on the time Muzan killed her loved ones. Then she recalls how Tanjiro, frantic and desperate, carried her through the snow in an attempt to save her life. She recalls the many friends and allies she made on her journey, as well as the many touching events they shared with her, including the day Sanemi stabbed her.

Her hands are the latest part of her body to undergo a human transformation. Once she remembers who she is, she imagines that Tanjiro will hug her and promise to protect her.

When Does Nezuko Usually Speak?

Nezuko Full Demon Form
Nezuko Full Demon Form

Nezuko’s ability to communicate is further supported by a memorable incident in which she did so. Some have speculated that she might only have put together a full phrase out of necessity or when it was vitally urgent.

Nezuko convinced Tanjiro she was okay during the Swordsmith Village storyline by having a conversation with him. Following Nezuko’s sacrifice, Tanjiro rushes to the spot where she was last seen. However, Nezuko was seen grinning and unmuzzling while standing in the sunlight.

However, a subset of followers believe Nezuko’s transformation back into a human was the key to her survival under the sun. Then, in her unique fashion, Nezuko reassured the Onicha that she was doing OK. This was the first time in the entire anime that Nezuko spoke in a demon voice, and it had viewers scratching their heads in wonder and anticipation. Some have speculated that since she began using the muzzle at an early age, it may have impaired her capacity for normal, fluent speech practice. She might not have the right words to say what she wants to say when she has the chance, or she might have gotten used to being quiet.

Those are the main ideas that have been proposed to explain Nezuko’s silence. Nezuko is one of the most endearing and original anime characters, and that’s true whether or not we ever see her hold a normal conversation.

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