First Defense Nasal Screens Net Worth:One Of The Most Successful Shark Tank Product!

Many very successful products start with a great idea and a very driven person. In the case of First Defense Nasal ScreensTM, that person was Joe Moore, the man who came up with the idea. As Moore started selling and promoting his product, he had the chance to take it on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. He decided to go for it, so he sent in a taped audition. The show’s producers agreed that First Defense Nasal Screens would be a great addition and asked Joe to come to a taping. After that First Defense Nasal Screens Net Worth brought a big change in the company so that it becomes a respected company.

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First Defense Nasal Screens Founder

After he survived a dangerous allergic attack, Joe Moore decided to do something to help himself and other people in the same situation. So, in 2012, he thought of nasal air filters, but he didn’t have enough money to make them work. Then he decided to apply to be on Shark Tank.

What Does A Nasal Filter Do?

The filter does the same thing as a mask does, but it’s much easier to use. It keeps small particles, respiratory droplets, smoke, allergens, and disease-causing germs from getting into your lungs. The first tests in the lab showed that the rate of success was an amazing 92%. Watch this video to see how it’s used and how it works.

First Defense Nasal Screens Management

Marian’s ability to make the product in our FDA Registered Facility with ISO 13458 Certification was also a key part of the development’s success. This made sure that the product met important quality standards set by the healthcare market.

First Defense Nasal Screens Net Worth

The world’s first nose filter is thought to be worth around $50 million, based on its insane annual sales. We don’t have access to the company’s financial reports, so we can only guess how things are going. When it comes to the founder, Joe More, we can say that he made the right choice by turning down the Shark’s offer to fund him, which has never happened in the show’s history, because the biggest offer was just around the corner.

First Defense Nasal Screens In Shark Tank Pitch

In 2011, Joe Moore was on Season 2 of the ABC show Shark Tank. Moore went to the Shark Tank looking for $500k in exchange for 10% of his business. When he first told them about the product and showed them how it worked, the Sharks laughed. But they quickly changed their minds when Joe told them about his success so far, like selling 1.7 million units and getting an international contract worth $8 million in sales in the future. When the Sharks heard this, they made different offers, including a lump sum of $4 million to buy Joe’s business outright. At this point, this is the biggest offer in the history of Shark Tank! But Joe realized that the Sharks’ plans for First Defense Nasal Screens were very different from his own, so he turned down the offer.

First Defense Nasal Screens After Shark Tank

Joe decided it was best for him to back out of the Shark Tank deal because he already had contracts overseas and a plan to grow in the East. First Defense Nasal Screens are now sold in more than 50 countries around the world, and patents have been granted in India, Japan, China, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

As air pollution has been an issue in the Middle East and Asia for quite some time, First Defense Nasal Screens have become increasingly popular in the United States for a variety of applications and industries, including those involving mining and construction, and among those who are particularly sensitive to chemical vapors. Still, customers with allergies account for the bulk of their business.
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An Expanding Economy Around The World

Even without the investment from The Sharks, the number of people around the world who want First Defense Nasal ScreensTM has been growing.

As demand has grown, Marian has been helpful and flexible, keeping up with production levels, making 13 different packages and languages, and making the product in three different sizes (S, M, and L). Marian has also told First Defense (and their customers) about how production efficiencies and buying power helped her cut costs.

First Defense Nasal Screens 2022 Update

During the pandemic, Americans used First Defense Nasal Screens to protect themselves instead of face masks, which were becoming harder to find. Face masks are a weak solution, but First Defense’s nose filters make up for their flaws.

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