Future Diary season 2 Release Date, Cast & Other Updates!

Popular anime and otaku series like The Future Diary were huge hits. A decade without new episodes has left even the most current watchers questioning whether or not the show will ever return. One of Sakae Esuno’s future diaries is called Mirai Nikki.

In Japan, the series premiered in 2011 and has since aired on several platforms. In total, 12 volumes were serialized by Kodakawa Shoten’s Shonen Ace Magazine; the first appeared in 2006, and the last appeared in 2010. In the beginning, let’s talk about whether or not Anime Future Diary will return in Season 2.

Future Diary season 2: Release Date

We have some excellent news for those of you who have just completed watching an Anime and are left with the sensation that the story is lacking: A cliffhanger at the end of the first season of Ben 10 led to an OVA episode being made by the show’s creators.

As of June 2013, the final episode of the eighth season had not broadcast until nearly two years after season 1. In the wake of Netflix’s worldwide dissemination, the show has become one of the most-loved anime ever. Officially, the second season of Future Diary has been cancelled since there is not enough current source material and it has already been completed in the first one. As a result, the diary will no longer be accessible on any website, not even Facebook.

Future Diary season 2: Cast

It features a cast of three protagonists. Most of the story revolves around the protagonist, Yukiteru Amano. His presence is felt throughout the entire production. The protagonist’s female counterpart, Yuno Gasai, is only second in importance to him. In the story, everything happens because she frequently switches between alternate timelines.

Deus, the god of time and space, is also a major character in the series. For the sake of saving the world, he must take the first step. It is vital to note that the protagonists of the game, Keigo Kurusu and Minene Uryu, are also major characters in the story.

Mayor John Bacchus, who was responsible for killing Yukiteru and his other family members, is also a major player in this story

Future Diary season 2: What’s next for the future journal in season two?

Once again Stranger Things has been a popular topic of discussion after its first season was released on Netflix. If the author decides to continue where he left off, we can expect a sequel film based on this scenario. As you could think, this is the anxiously anticipated audience.


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No formal announcements have been made, however this year could see a new product or service being released. We have seen in the otaku community that letting go of expectations can lead to unexpected outcomes, even if the odds are against it. However, the journal’s second season may likewise be doomed to failure.

Future Diary season 2: Storyline for the upcoming season of diary

For the first time in their lives, listeners will fall in love with this story. There are many stories to tell. A fourteen-year-old Japanese boy named Yukiteru Amano. It’s all documented on his phone as things happen in real time. Deus ex machina, Yukiteru’s one and only friend, transforms his phone into something he never could have envisioned himself.

Due to the smartphone’s ability to forecast events up to a year in the future, a 90-day forecast is now possible. Dream come true: Having a smartphone that can predict the future. Unfortunately for Yukiteru, things go from bad to worse when he discovers that his beloved friend or deity Deus has halted the game he was in the midst of.

It is the sole purpose of the game to eliminate any other players who have the same ability. yukiteru’s close pal is one of about a dozen people who are currently carrying the same future journal. It’s not normal for the pal to have been stockpiling yukiteru since he was a kid and being insane.

In the middle of a conflict zone and with a group of ten people who can see the future, you now understand what it’s like to be one of them. Many requests will be made after reading this story and learning more about the future diary’s various capabilities.

Future Diary season 2: Teaser

Finally, it can be claimed that the show provided viewers with an unforgettable and intensely stimulating experience.

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It’s disappointing that there won’t be a second season of this show. Consequently, there is no Season 2 trailer.

Final Lines

That Future Diary is one of my favourite contemporary instances of futuristic anime should come as no surprise. After watching the first season on Netflix, you can still catch up with the second season two years later and get the solution to all of the clip hangers in that episode.

The second season of The Future Diary has been eagerly anticipated since Netflix’s global release, so we hope the show’s producers get back to work on it.

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