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Currently, underproduction by Tango Gameworks, the Bethesda subsidiary that was previously responsible for The Evil Within and its great sequel, Ghostwire Tokyo is the newest game in the series. And, despite the fact that parent firm Bethesda has now been bought by Microsoft, Ghostwire Tokyo continues to be a limited-time PlayStation 5 exclusive, similar to Arkane Studios’ Deathloop.

At the 2019 E3 conference, Ikumi Nakamura, the game’s original creative director, made the announcement that Ghostwire Tokyo will be released in Japan. Then there was a period of radio-quiet, but in recent months we’ve learned a great deal more about the impending horror game, which is now set to debut in early 2022 after being delayed.

If you’re still unsure about what to anticipate from Ghostwire Tokyo, you’re not alone in your confusion. The little information we have about this warped, otherworldly version of Tokyo comes from a few trailers and a few tidbits of information on the game’s official website, which may have been done on purpose by Tango Gameworks to keep us in the dark.

Continue reading to find out what we currently know about Ghostwire Tokyo.

Ghostwire Tokyo Release Date

Ghostwrite Tokyo’s release date was postponed until 2022, according to an announcement made in July 2021. Thanks to a short gameplay teaser shown at a PlayStation showcase in September 2021, the game was re-released in early (Spring) 2022, with a new release date of early (Spring) 2022 announced.

Moreover, although we haven’t been given a specific release date as of yet, we’re pleased to be able to play Ghostwire Tokyo (if there are no additional delays, of course) within the same time period as other highly anticipated games such as Elden Ring and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Ghostwire Tokyo Trailers

Ghostwire Tokyo has only released a couple of trailers since its 2019 announcement, so we don’t know much about the game’s plot outside the location. More on it in a bit.

The “Hannya” trailer for PlayStation Showcase 2021 was released.
New Ghostwire Tokyo teaser shows off a wide range of creatures and supernatural abilities that our (yet-unnamed) protagonist will wield throughout the game.

A sequence in which the protagonist uses a power to warp to the top of a skyscraper from street level demonstrates the game’s open-ended level design.

Tango Gameworks does mind-bending, high concept horror well, and this one seems like it will do just that when it comes next year.

Ghostwire Tokyo Setting

Ghostwire It’s ironic that Tokyo is set in Tokyo. It’s not one we’d joyfully visit as starry-eyed visitors from the United States, but there are reports that Tokyo is being held hostage by an insane witch doctor named Hannya, who has the ability to make the city’s entire population disappear. As shown by the aforementioned teasers, this is true.

Instead, legions of Visitors inspired by Japanese yokai mythology have taken their place, including headless schoolgirls and faceless men in suits. The useful rain shield can be seen in several of the gameplay clips, and it looks to be a recurring theme. We’re certain that this will have symbolic significance, but we haven’t yet determined what that significance will be.

The Shibuya Crossing, the Tokyo Tower, and a slew of temples, parks, and alleys are just a few of the must-see spots in Tokyo.

There is a certain Dishonored-esque feel to the game’s first-person gameplay and post-apocalyptic Tokyo scenario thus far.Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo Gameplay

It’s up to us in Ghostwire Tokyo to take on the role of our protagonist, who has a dual objective. They must not only figure out what’s going on in this demonic version of Tokyo, but also figure out how to rescue their own families. As a result, Ghostwire Tokyo might have a similar tone to Sebastian Castellanos’s goals in The Evil Within series.

Demons in Tokyo can be defeated using a variety of supernatural powers at our disposal. If Ghostwire Tokyo’s official site is to be believed, these powers will be able to be upgraded at any time over the course of the game.

Ghostwire Tokyo seems to be situated in an open-ended landscape similar to that of The Evil Within 2. Locations shown in trailers seem large and explorable, so we can only imagine they will be crammed with mysteries, extra missions (and maybe even new backstory), which might provide some light on Tokyo’s future.

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