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Is Heaven Official Blessing Chapter 85 Release Date Confirmed?

Heaven Official Blessing Chapter 85

Heaven Official Blessing Chapter 85

Heaven Official Blessing Chapter 85: An upcoming episode of Blessing from Heaven Official In Chapter 85, we’ll keep digging into what happened in previous chapters. Infiltrator Xie Lang quietly explored Hua Cheng’s home. Xie and Qingxuan tagged along as a ghost, one of Hua Cheng’s minions, made his way through the city. Now, though, they find themselves within a palace that has been sealed off to everyone else. To get in, they had to roll the dice.

In that case, may you please reveal the secret? Will they discover anything that helps them solve the case? Each question will be answered in the following chapter. This concludes our coverage of the events leading up to and following the release of Chapter 85.

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Heaven Official Blessing Chapter 85: Plotline

Heaven Official Blessing Chapter 85

Some things will become much more transparent to Xie in the next chapter. The palace’s winding hallways are hiding a shady secret. A lot of untold stories are stored in the palace. Just what will the truth be? Is Hua Cheng trying to conceal something? This will be revealed by Xie in the subsequent chapters. First, though, he and Qingxuan have to get out of that death trap.

After the two of them complete their mission, Xie plans to tell Hua Cheng the truth. He would like to make up for his inquisitiveness. And yet, will he carry it out? Qingxuan and Xie appear to have hit upon a promising idea. As a result, their dynamic may shift. It should therefore prove an intriguing watch to see what develops. There’s a chance that fans will get to see more of the thief boy as well. However, we probably won’t see him until a few chapters down the road.

Heaven Official Blessing Chapter 85:  Release Date

A new chapter of Heaven Official’s Blessing manwha is available on Bilibili every week. Visit Kakaopage or Webtoon to read the manhwa. To date, 84 installments have been published. However, the continuation will be published soon. Stop stressing! When we learn more, we will share it with you. Keep coming back to this page only for updates.

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Heaven Official Blessing Chapter 84: Quick Recap

The events of chapter 84 of Heaven Official’s Blessing follow directly from those of chapter 83. Xie and Qingxuan made their way downstairs to the palace after sneaking in. But then they reached an impasse. A massive barrier was coming. Qingxuan pushed to release the blocking, but Xie opposed him. It’s possible that the commotion was amplified by the loudness. And then Xie remembered the dice game he’d played to get into the palace. That’s why they tossed the coin to see what would happen.

In an instant, the leech on the tiles had morphed into a different design. Floor tiles were crumbling and raining to the ground. The strange, dark environment they were in now felt very real. Is it possible that they rolled a dud? Concerned that they may have accidentally entered the wrong location, they left quickly. The door vanished into thin air. It’s unlikely that they’ll be able to turn back now. Together, they decided to stroll via the underground passage. They continued exploring, however, and eventually came across what appeared like huge leeches. We were left hanging at the end of the chapter.

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