Highschool Of The Dead Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Other Updates!

High School of the Dead” is an anime series based on the manga series of the same name by Daisuke Sato and Shoji Sato that has become popular. The anime tracks the meteoric increase in popularity of zombie fiction and illustrates what might happen if a big portion of the population suddenly become zombies for a short period of time. The plague, which is referred to as “The Outbreak” in the series, wipes out the majority of society, and the zombies are nearly usually referred to as “Them.”

According to standard zombie-world practise, however, the voracious corpses are not necessarily the most serious hazard, with other survivors frequently appearing to be far more threatening. Despite the fact that it is not the most accessible anime to begin with, it remains popular among diehard fans.

In addition to the seven volumes of the manga that are currently available, there are two collected omnibus editions that contain volumes one through four and volumes five through seven, respectively. The first season of the anime series consisted of twelve episodes as well as a one-off special (known as a “OVA”) that was jam-packed with fan service. When, on the other hand, will fans of “High School of the Dead” be able to enjoy a second season?

Release Date Of High School Of the Dead Season 2

The final chapter of the manga was published in April of 2013, while the final episode of Season 1 aired on September 20, 2010, both dates on which the manga was released. After that, on April 26, 2011, the OVA named “Drifters of the Dead” was made available on Blu-Ray. In the anime, the works of the first four volumes of the manga were compiled, indicating that there are three more volumes to be released. So, when will “High School of the Dead” be released, and what kind of time range do they have set?

Unfortunately, the prospects for a possible Season 2 of “High School of the Dead” are not looking promising right now. In the first place, Daisuke Sato, the creator of the original series, passed away in 2017. In terms of time, the second speed bump is simply how much time has already gone since the original series concluded more than a decade ago. However, die-hard fans of “High School of the Dead” continue to hold out hope for a brighter future, much like the survivors of “High School of the Dead.” It’s entirely possible that someone will decide to bring it back if there is still enough source material to work with to do so.

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Cast Of High School Of the Dead Season 2

While Season 2 of “High School of the Dead” is still a possibility at this time, the characters who might come are a little more concrete due to the manga and the anime’s roster of characters. Within the English dub, Leraldo Anzaldua portrays Takashi Komuro, Jessica Boone portrays Rei Miyamoto, Taylor Hannah portrays Saeko Busujima, Maggie Flecknoe portrays Saya Takagi, and Mark X. Laskowski portrays Kohta Hirano. Monica Rial portrays Shizuka Marikawa, and Brittney Karbowski portrays Alice Maresato in the Japanese version. All of these characters begin with simple weapons such as wooden swords, but they later equip themselves with a variety of military-grade weaponry as their skills progress.

Some supporting characters, such as the malevolent instructor Koichi Shido (Illich Guardiola), police officer Rika Minami (Melissa Davis), or even Rei Miyamoto’s mother, Kiriko (who has yet to appear in the anime), or father, Tadashi (who has yet to appear in the anime), may also appear (Steven Knight). If a second season of “High School of the Dead” is ever produced, it is possible that other characters will make cameo appearances, as well as new characters. The question of whether the original voice performers would return after such a long period of time is another matter together.

Plot Of High School Of the Dead Season 2

Similar to other works in the zombie-verse, the plot of “High School of the Dead” follows an intrepid band of survivors as they attempt to make their way through a hostile environment. The students at “High School of the Dead” are typically kind people, but as previously said, not everyone is enthusiastic about helping humanity rise above its more animalistic features. Answers could be supplied as to what occurred prior to “The Outbreak,” as well as whether or not any criminal elements are directly responsible for the catastrophe.

Note that the manga for the original material stopped abruptly as well, so if anyone else decides to take over the series and wants to continue the plot, they’ll have to carve their own way forward from the beginning of the series. Is there any possibility for a normal life in a world when the majority of people have been traumatised or have become a leering corpse of a person? Is there a simple way to cure the undead that doesn’t involve beating their heads in with a hammer? Although it’s possible that “High School of the Dead” will not return for a third season, one can only dream.

End Lines

Due to the sudden death of the manga creator in 2017, the manga was left incomplete. However, all hope is not lost, as there may still be a new writer on the block. However unlikely a new writer’s appointment is, the second season of the anime would be published at the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022, depending on when it is announced by the production team.

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