How Smoking Kills Human Beings? Demerits of Smoking In One’s Life!

Do you know how many humans kills because of smoking? Each year 9,26,000 people die every year. Smoking kills humans day by day and most probably in India.

Old Indian generation used ‘BIDI‘ for smoking, they did this for there enjoy. But because of that our generation used ‘CIGARETTES, HAUKAAS’ etc things which is not good for the health.

Because of all these smoking products our lungs,heart,liver and other body part will be harmed internally and after sometime they finished completely.

In millions peoples suffering from T.B. So many diseases get peoples,because of their smoking habits. In 2008,Smoking was banned .It’s a very bad habit of smoking. We have to avoid smoking, so in our next section we are going to cover some tips and ways that will help you to control smoking.

Smoking Kills Human Being

7 Tips To Control ‘SMOKING’

  • Think Positive:You might have tried to quit smoking before and not managed it,but don’t let that put you off. 
  • Make A Plan To Quit Smoking: Make a promise, set a date and stick to it. Sticking to the “not a smoke” rule can really help. 
  • Consider You Diet:Is an after dinner cigarette your favorite? So change your habits.
  •  Get Moving:A review of scientific studies has proved exercise, even a 5 minutes walk or stretch, cuts craving and it may help your brain. 
  • Move Non-Smoking Friends: When you are at a party, stick with the non-smokers.When you look at the smokers don’t envy them. 
  • Eat Fruits / Veggies: Don’t try to diet while you give up cigarette.Instead, keep things simple and try to eat more fruits ,veggies,whole grains and protein. 
  • Learn About Nicotine Addiction:Its addiction drugs that affect your brain. 

Demerits Of SMOKING 

  • Bad:Smoking is a very bad habbit. It causes so many harmful diseases which are too bad for our future generation. 
  • Body:Smoking kills our body internally.It affects our liver,heart, lungs and it makes diabetes disease. 
  • Environment: Cigarettes cause pollution by being carried. It always affects our body because of the nature of smoking. 

Benefits Of Banning Smoking In Public Places 

  • Smoking bans can reduce the no. Of heart attacks as much as 26% per year. ● The protection of the environment can be made by banning. 
  • Diseases will be in control ,by banning. 

How To Care Your Loved Ones?If They Smoke Frequently 

  • Don’t smoke around them.
  • Don’t buy cigarettes ,if you are together. 
  • Keep ashtray,lighters & cigarettes out of view. 


Smoking should be totally banned in India because of its severe health risks to both smokers and non-smokers. With cigarettes,all these things should be banned because they affect their health negatively.

If you know someone who is so addicted to smoking then you must have help them to quit smoking by telling them the demerits and the diseases cause by this.

So, now it’s time to end the post, do you have any question related to the same, then simply type in our comment section, so that we will give a solution to your query. Also share this post with someone who need to know “How Harmful smoking is…”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people die in India because of smoking? 

Each year 9,26,000 people die every year. Each year so many type of smoking kills about 1 million Indians.Its harmful for our body parts like-heart,lungs,liver etc. 

Why should you avoid smoking? 

Smoking damages the heart and blood circulation.Regularly, smoke will get heart disease or because of this disease humans get heart attacks. 

How many Indian states are affected by smoking? 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) ,there are 120 millions smokers in India. Q4.How many smokers are in India? 

India has so many adult smokers. Nearly 100 millions adult smokers are there in India.There are already about 1 million adult deaths per year from smoking. 

How many cigarettes are consumed in India everyday? 

The no. of cigarettes smoked annually has grown to more than 6 trillions.Smokers in India are just an average of 8.2 cigarettes in India consumed per day. 

How many cigarettes are smoked a day in India? 

In India,smokers smoke an average of 6.8 cigarettes everyday .Smokers smoke less than 5 cigarettes per day ,30%smoke 5-9 cigarettes ,14% smoke 10-14 cigarettes and 3% smoke 25 cigarettes each day. 

Can you smoke indoors in India? 

Since 2008, smoking has been totally banned in so many places. Smoking is banned in airports, restaurants,bars,pubs and the workplace, only in open areas.

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