Is Vaccination Necessary For Dogs? Everything You Need To Know!

Is Vaccination Necessary For Dogs? Of course, just like human being dogs do need vaccination… There is no in-between “do dogs need a vaccination” or “not” because the answer is yes! they do. When a dog steps into our house, it becomes our family member and I am sure you never want to lose a member of your family, right?

In this post we have covered everything a pet owner needs to know about vaccines, how they work, why do we need them for our fur baby, and so on…

Have you ever wondered how vaccines work? Well, if no! then let me tell, Vaccines contain the less active or we can say mild disease which is put inside the body of the individual that might be humans, dogs, cat, buffalos and so on. When this mild pathogen enters our body then our immune system reacts with them in order to kill the foreign particle.

However, the body easily kills the weaker pathogen and obtains a memory toward it, so that the next time when the same bacteria, virus, or we can simply say pathogen enters our body then our immune system reacts faster to kill the foreign particle because it has generated the memory toward it.

But what if you haven’t taken the vaccine? Let me tell you with an example, have you seen a female dog with her babies?

Do you notice one thing? When we talk about street dogs or the small puppies that belong to the street or are homeless die more usually as compared to the dogs living inside the house, this is because the street dogs usually come in contact with germs, bacteria, and viruses…

After coming in contact with them, some of the dogs obtain immunity and their body cures themself whereas many dogs die!!! This is because their immune system is not that effective to kill out foreign particle, which is the reason vaccines are invented because our body can kill weakened pathogens very easily as compared to the active one.

Now coming to the fur babies,  I have mentioned all the examples of why vaccines are a necessity for dogs, now let’s discuss some major dog vaccines that you need to… No, you should! give to your dogs or puppies.

Vaccines “Necessity” For Dogs!

1: Canine distemper

2: Rabies

3: Parvovirus

4: Canine Hepatitis

5: Leptospirosis

6: Corona Viral Enteritis

7: Deworming

8: Para Influenza

Is Vaccination Necessary For Dogs?

Things To Note Before Getting Your Dog Vaccinated-

How do i prepare my puppy for the vaccine, what are the major precautions, is it going to hurt my dog or puppy… There are several questions dogs owners think before getting vaccinated. Dogs or puppies need to be isolated from infection.

Note: Make sure to keep your dog away from other dogs unless necessary.

Here we have mentioned a vaccine chart, you need to follow for your fur baby.

Vaccine Primary Dose


Primary Dose


Booster Recommendation
Distemper  3 doses, 2-3-4 months 2 dose, 3-4 wk  apart Annual Highly recommended for all ages


Adenovirus – 2  3 doses, 2-3-4 months 2 dose, 3-4 wk apart Annual Highly recommended for all ages
Parainfluenza  3 doses, 2-3-4 months 2 dose, 3-4 wk apart Annual Highly recommended for all ages
Bordetella bronchiseptica  3 doses, 6-9-12 weeks 2-3 doses 3 wk apart Annual Recommended for dog housed in Kennels, Pounds, etc.
Parvovirus 3 doses, 2-3-4 months 1 dose Annual Highly recommended for all ages.

Optional dose at 5 months- to overcome maternal antibody interference

Lyme Disease : Borrelia burgdorferi 


Two doses:  maybe at 12 and 15 wks


2-3 doses 3 wks apart Annual Optional, has regional prevalence


Corona Virus Begin at 6 weeks & every 3 wks until 12 wks of age 2-3 doses, 3 wks apart Annual Optional. Incidence not known – Routine vaccination to be justified.

MLV not available.

Giardia  8th and 11th wk 2 doses, 3-4 wk apart  6 months Optional
Leptospirosis  8th and 11th wk 2 doses, 3-4 wk apart Annual Typically administered in combination with Distemper and ICH
Rabies 3 months of age


1 dose Annual Booster optional but beneficial, IM route ( depends on local statutes).

Some recommend first dose earlier than 3months in endemic/high exposure area

How Do I Prepare My Dog For Vaccine?

This is not a big task, you have to do nothing at all. The only thing you need to do is to brush your dog or give them a bath before taking them to the vet. This will clear their coat and also vanishes the harmful bacteria from their fur.

Do Vaccines Depend On Some Factors?

Yes! There are some factors that determine the canine vaccine process. We have mentioned some factors that need to be disclosed before giving vaccines to your canine.

  • Age
  • Medical history
  • Environment
  • Travel habits
  • Lifestyle


So, when you are going to take your dog or puppy to the vet? If you are thinking to buy a new dog make sure to do their deworming after a vet’s prescription.

Now it’s time to say bye to my lovely readers! Hope you find our post helpful, if so then let me know your feedback and if you have any query then you can ask us without feeling any kind of hesitation.

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