Jarrod Schulz Net Worth,Do Jarrod And Brandi Still Have A Store? 2022

Jarrod Schulz Net Worth: Jarrod Schulz is an American entrepreneur, reality television star, and professional storage hunter. Schulz is best known for his performances on the A&E reality series “Storage Wars” (2010–2018). He and Brandi Passante, his long-term girlfriend and business partner, were known as “The Young Guns” when they appeared on the show.

Schulz and Passante also participated in an A&E special and spin-off series named “Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job,” both of which aired in 2014. Since 2002, Jarrod has owned the clothing firm Outlaw Apparel, and in 2019, he became the new Rush Bar and Grill owner in Lake Forest, California. Read About Jarrod Schulz net worth and sources of income and more!

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Jarrod Schulz Early Life

Jarrod Schulz was born on October 15, 1977, in California. There is virtually little information available about his prior life and his parents. He previously worked as a sales manager for a carpet cleaning company. There aren’t many details on Jarrod Chulz’s childhood life. We also don’t have any reports about his educational qualifications. When he was still a student, he was arrested and sentenced to 16 months in prison for driving under the influence. His ethnicity is unknown. However, he is of American descent and lives in the United States.

Jarrod Schulz Career


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Jarrod used to work in the mortgage industry, but after the market crashed in the mid-2000s, his aunt (who works at a storage facility) advised him to try the storage auction business. Schulz and Passante later founded the Now and Then Second Hand Store in Orange County, California. “Storage Wars” was initially solely interested in Jarrod, but after visiting the business and meeting Brandi, the producers thought she should be on the show as well.

Brandi and Jarrod did not have nearly the same financial resources as their castmates when “Storage Wars” originally aired in December 2010, but despite this early disadvantage, they refused to let a lack of money stop them from holding their own in the world of storage auctions. Storage auctions occur when renters of storage facilities fail to pay their rent for a specified length of time, for those who do not attend the show.

The storage facility’s contents are auctioned off, but there’s a catch: purchasers may only bid on what they can see through the door. There will be no time for searching or studying because a decision must be made in five minutes or less. They’ve done extremely well for themselves because of Jarrod’s resourcefulness and Brandi’s “take no prisoners” attitude. During the fourth season of “Storage Wars” (which aired in 2013), Schulz and Passante were successful enough to open a second Now and Then facility in Long Beach, California; however, it shuttered in 2014, and the Orange County branch closed two years later.

Jarrod Schulz Net Worth

Jarrod Schulz Net Worth
Jarrod Schulz Net Worth

Jarrod Schulz Net Worth 2022:  According to estimates as of the year 2022, Jarrod Schulz net worth is approximately $3 million. He is a single individual with wide-ranging interests and accomplishments. He has been a guest on numerous TV shows, with great success. In addition to this, he is a prosperous businessman. A pioneer in the field thanks his vast expertise in parts storage.

His show has been running for more than a decade, and he has a lot of talent. A fee of $300,000 is required to appear in an episode of Storage Wars. His career as a fashion designer has also contributed to his fortune. Schulz’s annual income from his fashion house is over $70,000.
Although his fame is confined to the realm of television, Jarrod Schulz nonetheless has a large fan base. People are always interested in hearing more about his professional and personal life, so he has a large following. Robert Shultz has a wide range of skills and has achieved success in many areas of his life.

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Jarrod Schulz Personal Life


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Jarrod and Brandi met in 1999 when Schulz’s employer, a carpet-cleaning company, hired Passante. Cameron and Payton were born in 2003 and 2005, respectively. People often called Jarrod and Brandi husband and wife, but they were never married.

In a June 2020 interview, Passante said that she and Schulz broke up “two years ago.” Jarrod moved on and started dating Rochel Beckman, a bartender at the Rush Bar and Grill. In February 2019, they confirmed their relationship on social media. Schulz was arrested in 1997 for felony possession of a controlled substance. According to reports, he spent 16 months in state prison for narcotics trafficking charges from the mid-1990s.

Social Media Account

Jarrod Schulz loves to post his photos and videos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Jarrod Schulz always posts about what he is doing on social media to keep his fans interested. He has 60.7K followers on Instagram. He is a famous person who has a lot of fans on social media sites. In 2022, Jarrod Schulz net worth will be $3 million.




Has Jarrod Been Arrested?

Jarrod was arrested after he was said to have gotten into a fight with Brandi in a California bar.TMZ says that Brandi asked Jarrod to leave, but he didn’t, which led to a heated argument. The news outlet says that Jarrod yelled at Brandi and her friends and then pushed her twice. He reportedly left the bar before the police arrived, but they found him later. Since then, Jarrod has been charged with a misdemeanor battery for domestic violence.

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