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Jen Psaki is the press secretary for the White House. She has also been a political advisor for a long time, working for the Biden, Trump, and Obama administrations. Psaki has also been a deputy press secretary and done a lot of other communications jobs for different presidents. She has also written about politics, mostly for the CNN Network.Jen Psaki net worth, 2022, career, and other information may be found on this page.

Jen Psaki Early Life 

Jennifer Rene Psaki was born on December 1, 1978, in Stamford, Connecticut. Her parents are Dimitrios R. Psaki (who goes by the name “James”) and Eileen Dolen Medvey. Jen is the oldest of three sisters.

Jen’s father is now retired, but he used to work as a developer of real estate. Jen’s mom worked as a therapist. Psaki’s ancestors came from Greece, Poland, and Ireland. Her paternal grandfather came to the United States from Greece in 1904. Jen’s parents got married in 1976, and two years later, Jen came into the world.

Jen grew up in Stamford, where she went to school and graduated from Greenwich High School in 1996. She would try to get a degree in both English and sociology at William and Mary. Jen joined the Chi Omega sorority while she was at William and Mary. Jen was a member of the William and Mary Tribe of athletes while she was in college. She swam the backstroke in competitions for two years.

Jen Psaki Career

In 2001, she started her career by helping Tom Harkin and Tom Vilsack get re-elected. After that, Psaki worked as John Kerry’s vice press secretary during his campaign for president.

Psaki became Obama’s deputy press secretary at the White House. She was named Deputy Communications Director in December 2009. She left the job for a while but came back as the press secretary in 2012. In February 2017, Jennifer Psaki started working for CNN as a political commentator. When Biden became president in early 2021, she left the international news network.

Career Outside Of Politics

Since she graduated from William and Mary in 2000, Psaki has mostly worked in politics. She was a CNN contributor for about four years before becoming White House Press Secretary in January 2021.

Jen Psaki Future Plan

Jen said in an interview on May 6, 2021, that she would quit her job as press secretary in about a year. She said that the time had come for someone else to take the lead. This is because she has a 3-year contract with the news channel MSNBC. Some people think that she will work as a TV host. But this is not yet certain. There are also rumors that she may leave her job in May 2022. For now, Jen Psaki is still working as the 34th press secretary for the United States.

Jen Psaki Net Worth


For her work at the White House, Psaki is owed a total of $180,000. As part of her job, Jen Psaki will get free electricity, security 24 hours a day, and other benefits. In addition to her main job, she also makes money from her investments in real estate.

She owns seven properties, which are worth about $30.65 million altogether. Jen could also make up to $14 million with MSNBC in the future, which would add a lot to her wealth. But Jen Psaki’s net worth is still $2 million right now.

Car Collection

Jen Psaki just spent a whopping $145,000 on a brand-new Jaguar. she also has a Bentley and a BMW. Jen Psaki’s cars are worth more than $2.5 million altogether. Some of Jen Psaki’s cars are shown below.

Jen Psaki Personal Life

Jen Psaki is married to Greg Mecher right now. Four years later, on May 8, 2010, they got married. Mecher also does political work. When they got married, Mecher was Congressman Steve Driehaus’s chief of staff. Mecher did the same job for Congressman Joe Kennedy as well.

In 2006, Psaki and Mecher worked together on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Under her bio on Twitter, Psaki says that she is “a mom to two humans under five.” We know she has a daughter named Genevieve, but we don’t know anything about her second child.

Jen Psaki speaks almost every day at White House press briefings, and clips of her arguments with Fox News’ White House correspondent Peter Doocey are shown on news channels and the internet. After saying she had tested positive for COVID-19, Psaki took ten days off between November 2, 2021, and November 12, 2021. She says she didn’t go back to work until she was completely better, and she says that her vaccinations made sure she didn’t have any problems.


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