Jeremy Renner, What Is A “Critical But Stable Condition,” And Happened To Him ?

Jeremy Renner, best known for his role as Hawkeye in the Avengers films, is in “critical but stable” condition following an accident caused by bad weather.

The 51-year-old Renner was the only person hurt in the snow-plowing accident in Reno, and he was flown to a local hospital by helicopter.

Power outages affected thousands of homes in Northern California and Nevada, and roads were closed because of the storm.

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Accident Injures Jeremy Renner

On the weekend, Jeremy Renner was hurt badly while shoveling snow. A person who works for the actor from “The Hurt Locker” said that his condition is “critical but stable.”

They told the Hollywood Reporter that he hurt himself in an accident that happened because of the weather while he was shoveling snow earlier today.

The statement said, “His family is with him, and he is receiving excellent care.”

Renner owns a ranch in the Sierra Nevada mountains above Lake Tahoe. On New Year’s Eve, the area was hit by a winter storm.

The actor has said before that the snow in Lake Tahoe is “no joke,” and he posted a picture of snow in the area on Twitter in December.

Jeremy Renner “Critical But Stable” Condition

WebMD says that a person is in a critical condition when their vital signs are unstable and outside of their normal range. They may also be unconscious or need “critical” care in the intensive care unit of a hospital.

“Critical” is the most serious condition, according to guidelines from the American Hospital Association (AHA). After good, fair, and serious, this is the next step.

The AHA encourages people not to use the phrase “critical but stable” because a person in a critical condition will have at least one vital sign that is not stable.

eHow, on the other hand, says that “critical but stable” is a term used to distinguish patients with life-threatening illnesses or injuries “from those who have a better prognosis.”

Fans Send Well-Wishes To The Hawkeye Actor

Well-wishes for As soon as people heard that Renner had been in an accident, they started to talk about it on Twitter.

One fan said: “I HOPE Jeremy Renner makes a speedy recovery.”

Another person tweeted: “Think good thoughts for Jeremy Renner right now, people. Still critical.”

A third said: “Prayers up for Jeremy Renner. Hawkeye is crazy underrated in the Avengers.”

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