John Hagee Net Worth 2022: Are American Pastors Actually Rich?

John Hagee Net Worth: A well-known pastor is John Charles Hagee. He started Cornerstone Church and John Hagee Ministries, which is a ministry that people in the US and Canada can watch on TV. He is shown on networks all over the world, like INSP TBN and Inspiration Now TV. He is also the leader of the group “Christians United for Israel” and started it. Hagee is also a producer, writer, and actor. However, do you know what John Hagee net worth will be in 2022? If you did not already know, we have created this article about John Hagee net worth brief biography-Wiki, career, professional life, and personal life. If you’re prepared, let’s begin.

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John Hagee Early Life

John Hagee was born in Texas, United States of America, on April 12, 1940. His parents were the Rev. William Bythel Hagee and Vada Mildred Swick. He got a Master’s in Educational Administration in 1966. He finished his training in theology in Dallas.

He got two honorary doctorates: one in 1989 from Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma, where he later served on the Board of Regents until 2008, and the other in 2005 from Netanya Academic College in Israel. He is the only person who is not Jewish to have won the “Humanitarian Award of the Year” from the San Antonio B’nai B’rith Council. The Jewish community of Dallas, Texas, gave him the Zionist Organization of America’s Israel Award, which was given at the time by U.N. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick. Texas Governor Mark White gave him the ZOA Service Award.

John Hagee Career


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He started and is the Senior Pastor of the non-denominational Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, which has a lot of followers. He is also the head of his non-profit company, Global Evangelism Television, which he founded (GETV).

He is the President and CEO of John Hagee Ministries, which broadcasts his national radio and TV ministry to more than 150 million homes on 10 TV networks. Hagee started the Christian-Zionist group Christians United for Israel on February 7, 2006. He is also the group’s National Chairman.

Writing Career

This televangelist is not only a good preacher of God’s word, but he has also written many best-selling books. Some of the books by John Hagee are:

  • Jerusalem Countdown
  • The Battle for Jerusalem
  • From Daniel to Doomsday
  • Life Lessons to Live By
  • The Financial Armagedon
  • Born to Be Blessed
  • His Glory Revealed

Acting Career

A televangelist is a versatile person in the media. In addition to preaching in front of the cameras, the pastor has also appeared in movies and TV shows. The most well-known movies and TV shows with John Hagee in them are vanish (1998) and Revelation (1999).

John Hagee Business Ventures

The mogul has also made investments in other ways to make money, which add to his high John Hagee net worth. He has jobs that also bring in money, some of which are:

  • The head of Christian Evangelism Television
  • The head of the National Chairman of Christians United for Israel

John Hagee Net Worth & Salary

John Hagee Net Worth
John Hagee Net Worth

John Hagee is a pastor, writer, producer, actor, president, employee of San Antonio Ministries, founder of a very popular church, CEO of John Hagee Ministries, Christian Evangelism Television, a Christian multi-media empire, etc. So, John Hagee net worth has a total of about $7 million. All of these are the main ways John Hagee makes money.

But John Hagee makes most of his money from writing books. He is a well-known author who has written more than 20 books.
About $100,000 a year, or $8333 a month, is how much he makes. This works out to about $273.97 a day. He makes a lot of money from selling his books. His non-profit group became a church, which means he doesn’t have to make his tax returns public.

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John Hagee’s Personal Life

John Hagee Net Worth
John Hagee Net Worth

In 1960, John Hagee married Marthe Downing. In 1975, they got a divorce. John got married to Diana Hagee in 1976. She has written many books, like Hannah’s Song—What Love Looks Like, Not by Bread Alone, Ruth, the Romance of Redemption—A Love Story, The King’s Daughter Workbook, and The King’s Daughter—Becoming a Woman of God.

Diana also plans special events for Hagee Ministries, Cornerstone Christian Schools, Cornerstone Church, and Christians United for Israel. John Hagee has five children: Matthew Hagee, Christopher Hagee, Christina Hagee, Sandy Hagee, and Tish Hagee. His son, Pastor Matt Hagee, is the Head Pastor of the Cornerstone Church.

John Hagee Social Media Account

John Hagee has 204k Instagram followers, which is a lot of fans. @pastorjohnhagee is his Instagram handle. He has a Facebook page called Hagee Ministries, which has 2.5 million followers at the moment. He is much more active on social media, and his Twitter account, which has 462k followers, is updated often. On Twitter, you can find him at @pastorjohnhagee.He also has a YouTube channel called Hagee Ministries with 87.3k subscribers.


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