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A British police procedural Tv series Line of Duty Season 2 produced by World Productions and created by Jed Mercurio was released on February 12, 2014, on BBC Two.

In ten years with a compressed audience of 4.1 million spectators Line of Duty becomes the best performing drama.

In this series, an inspection was lead by Superintendent Ted Hastings ( Adrian Dunbar), DC Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure), and DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston). They investigate the corrupt actions of DI Lindsay Denton (Keeley Hawes).

Line of duty, season 2 sits out as actual and dramatic. The number of episodes in season 2 is eight.

Line Of Duty Season 2, – Attributes Of Episode 1

An operation was organized by Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton, in the first episode of Line of duty, season 2 in which a police caravan supporting a civilian is bombed under a witness protection procedure. All the police cops are murdered except Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton and the witness is hospitalized.

Superintendent Ted Hastings wants DS Steve Arnott and DC Kate Fleming to analyze the incident, but Fleming asks not to take part. She says that she tutored together with one of the dead officers- DS Jayne Akers, but she does not add that she has also been infidelity with Akers’ husband, Richard in her statement.

DC Georgia Trotman, an ambitious but less experienced officer replace her, who is worried that the team is treating Denton as a suspect and delving into her finances. However, she and Arnott soon grow close and begin a sexual connection, while Hastings struggles to keep appearance with his estranged wife. Denton ignored by her colleagues is transferred to a missing person unit and Fleming becomes her deputy. Fleming with Denton goes to the nursing home where her mother stays and sees Denton ring the hospital where the wounded witness is being treated. Arnott and Trotman race to the hospital and meet face to face a man disguised as a nurse. Arnott is inanimate, Trotman is thrown out of the window to her death and the witness is killed.

Line Of Duty Season 2 – Attributes Of Episode 2

In the second episode of Line of Duty, Season 2, Arnott finds out that a nurse on the witness’s ward, Claire Tindall, was compelled into giving the killer access by a man she knows as Joe, who she is not able to specify.

Denton starts her work in missing persons with the case of perished 15- year old, Carly Kirk. During the work, Fleming attempts to attain Denton’s confidence, but Denton sees through this, clashes with Fleming, and steals her phone. AC-12 interviewed Denton and claims that she called the hospital to ask that the witness exonerate her, but Hastings arrested her for conspiracy and the team did not trust her.

At this point, Denton gives the information, on the record, that Arnott made from an unrealistic visit to Claire, Hastings has an economic crisis and Fleming’s mobile has a call history with Richard Akers whom she has a relationship with. Meanwhile, a tale surfaces in the press that DCC Dryden took liability points for his wife when she committed a driving offense.

In a parallel subplot, Denton has a conflict with her alcoholic neighbor because she plays loud music late at night and accepts cash in return for not doing so. One evening Denton snaps and hits her with a wine bottle and when the neighbor reports the incident, Denton denies it. Again, the music annoys Denton, who finds her neighbor’s door open and the woman sleeping, while a chip pan is heating up. On reflection, Denton turns the heat off and takes the money, and flees.

Line Of Duty Season 2 – Attributes Of Episode 3

In the third episode of Line of Duty, Season 2, Denton is remanded in custody, where she is victimized by both prisoners and staff, warned not to speak to the authorities and her hands badly burnt.AC-12 allows discovering the identity of the dead witness as Hastings requests witness protection records from Dryden. DCI Tony Gates arrested the hand leader, Tommy Hunter.

Fleming visits Denton who knows about her affair with Aker’s husband. Denton’s indictments cause friction between Hastings and Arnott. Meanwhile, Dryden’s steering offense continues to occupy the press. To draw attention away from himself, the information that Denton is the officer under inquiry is leaked by Dryden.

Arnott begins a connection with DS Nicola Rogerson of Major Violent Crimes, who vows to pass a sum of cash before she died this information is discovered by Cottan from forensic accountants. Arnott visits Denton in lockup and says, “l believe you.”

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 Line Of Duty Season 2 – Attributes Of Episode 4

In the fourth episode of Line of Duty, Season 2, Arnott and Fleming convince Hastings to fetch Dryden in for querying but find the DCC is opposed and frosty. AC-12 face moreover difficulty when the Major Violent Crimes team bring in Richard Akers’ before they can do so, Arnott by mistake assume Rogerson would tell him if they were leaving to and that Akers was unfamiliar with his wife’s corruption and decided he was not a preference.

He reveals in an interview that Jayne kept recordings of Hunter as an influence and stored them in a PO Box. In the recording Hunter threatening to inform parties along with corrupt police cops. In a recording Dryden criticizes the immunity hunter and others like him and AC-12 begin investigating the identity of ‘The Caddy.’Line of duty Season 2

Line Of Duty Season 2 – Attributes Of Episode 5

In the fourth episode of Line of Duty, Season 2 Denton is torture by Prasad and Cole in the parking garage to know what she has told the investigators but she only reveals that Dryden set her up. Cole is killed by Prasad for being”a liability” before Denton arranges to flee from her kidnappers. With the help of the car, she nails Prasad to the wall and pressures him to record a confession in which she implicates Dryden before calling Arnott.

She evades on foot and goes to her mother’s bedside, where Arnott enables her time before she returned to custody. AC-12 was forced to decide their loyalties between Dryden and Denton. Arnott and Fleming at last arrested the DCC, with the help of the evidence mounting against the latter. However, AC-12‘s evidence, Dryden still hard maintains he is being set up.

DC Nigel was approached by Cottan from his old team. Morton is the officer who auctioned the story about Dryden’s driving offense to the papers and blackmail by the Cottan into false saying Cole and dead kidnappers nicknamed “The Caddy” by fellow officers.

Line Of Duty Season 2 – Attributes Of Episode 6

In the fifth episode of Line of Duty Season 2, Dryden contends that Denton was at the car park when photographed with Carly Kirk. Arnott tells Denton about Fleming that he is, as she was the first undercover. The money that Denton took from her mother’s room, Arnott finds that.

Denton sees Kirk flirting with Dryden in the reception. After that Denton follows Dryden and Kirk to the car park, where Kirk fellate Dryden and sees Hunter attacks her and after that, she leaves the car. With the help of her colleague’s computer, she reports the incident. After that when she approaches Hunter, DS Akers interferes.

Akers visits Denton at home to plead with her to save Carly Kirk by handing Hunter over to his criminal associates. With a pay-off, and requesting Denton’s desire to protect Kirk, Akers convinces her to assist in the handover, which also involves Cottan.

Tracker on the Denton’s vehicle made possible the ambush on the convoy. To protect Cottan’s identity Hunter and Akers are killed and Denton is left alive to take the blame but moves the tracker to the burning vehicle.

The sowed body turns out not to be that of Kirk, who has retired from the country. Prasad who kidnapped the Denton and carried out the ambush gives a shred of evidence against her in return for reduced sentencing. Morton and Cottan come to an arrangement that they do not reveal anything about each other.

Dryden resigns from the police force. Denton is sentenced to conspiracy to commit murder and give a life sentence. Cottan is asked to remain in the AC-12. Major Violent Crimes proceed to interrogate who organized Hunter’s killing, but no officers beyond Denton are doubted.

Where Can We Watch This Series?

You can watch the Line of Duty series on Prime Video, BritBox, AMC Premier, Acorn TV where you need to sign up for an Acorn TV extension and get a 7-day free trial or you can also buy seasons.

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Conclusion –

 Line of Duty Season 2 stands out as stunning, actual, brutal, and intriguing. The series becomes the best thing on the Box. The cast worked together fantastically.

Now it’s your turn to rate this interesting series.

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