Love Is Blind Japan Season 2 Release Date Announced?

“Love is Blind Japan,” a real-time dating show on Netflix, is watched by people from all over the world. The show’s hosts are Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya. Here, hopeful singles join the show to find their perfect match and fall in love without ever meeting the person on the other side. It follows the almost perfect structure of the original. The show is about the problems a couple faces in the real world, and the couples who watch it have to figure out how to deal with them to have a healthy relationship. This makes them as global as possible. So, now that the first episode of this interesting Japanese series is available on an online streaming service (and has gotten some good reviews), let’s see what Love is Blind Japan Season 2 might have to offer.

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Expected Story Line Love Is Blind Japan Season 2 

Most likely, the second season of the show will have the same structure as the first season. A group of men and women were forced to stay in separate rooms, but love slowly grew between them. We can again hope to see some happy marriages on the show, as well as a lot of drama. The show will likely raise most people’s expectations about their own love lives.

Expected Star Cast Of Love Is Blind Japan Season 2

The first season had a cast with a wide range of jobs and a few people who were unusual for a reality show, like Nanako, who was divorced, and Shuntaro, who was 56 years old. The staff member said on Reddit that these kinds of reality TV shows are not common in Japan, so it was hard to find people who were willing to be vulnerable and “negative” on camera. “I wasn’t in the casting department, but I heard that how serious they are about marriage and other things played a big role,” they said. They added that it was “open casting” and that everyone was found through social media.

This sounds like how the U.S. version of Love is Blind was cast. Chris Coelen, the show’s executive producer, told The Los Angeles Times that they don’t look for a certain type of person (though the show has been criticized for not casting people outside of a certain body type). “We aren’t looking for anything in particular. We’re setting it up and watching where it goes, “he said. It’s amazing when people who you might think aren’t a good match physically fall in love. But that’s the point: how do you understand the word “mismatch”?

Expected Release Date Of Love Is Blind Japan Season 2

During a Q&A on Reddit, a Love is Blind: Japan staff member said that Season 1 was filmed from June to July 2021 and would air in February 2022. It’s a pretty quick turnaround for a Netflix show since they usually take about a year to make. (There was a two-year gap between the first and second seasons of the original Love is Blind, but that was only because the pandemic stopped filming for a year.) If this trend continues and Love Is Blind: Japan is renewed soon, we could get a new season as early as fall 2022.

 Love Is Blind Japan Season 1 Recap

Love is blind: Japan season 1 is full of unexpectedly deep feelings, and all 11 episodes are very addicting and worth watching for everyone. Like in the original show, a group of men and a group of women are supposed to stay in separate quarters that are connected by pods. This is the only way for the two groups to talk to each other, and no one is allowed to see what the other person looks like.

Then, after the first 10 days, most of the people who got paired up liked each other and were allowed to meet in real life, so they started dating. But now comes the twist: as the couples start spending time together, some end up getting too close, while others realize that the other person isn’t meant to be their partner or even change their minds about their past decisions. At the end of the show, two of the couples from the group get married after meeting their parents and doing other happy wedding preparations. This is an episode that anyone would love to watch. Some people were happy with how the show ended, while others still have to wait for their perfect partner to come along.

Expected  Trailer Of Love Is Blind Japan Season 2

Even though there is a good chance that the show will continue, we haven’t heard from the creators yet, so we haven’t made a trailer for season 2. The show’s first season is now on Netflix, and its trailer is on YouTube.

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