Marin Kitagawa Age, Height, Personality, Relationship, And More!

My fashion-forward girl Marin Kitagawa Do you remember seeing anime when you were a kid? You might be one of the many people who like to watch anime on their own time. Anime is the common name for Japanese computer-generated and hand-drawn animation. In Japan, anime refers to all animated works, regardless of where they come from or what style they employ. My Sono Bisque Dress-Up Darling Doll—Wa Koi Wo Suru The animated show “The Doll in Love” has been getting a lot more attention lately. Shinichi Fukuda wrote the manga “The Doll in Love: Wa Koi Wo Suru, My Dress-Up Darling Sono Bisque Doll.” The writing is in Japanese. Look Up, Darling Marin Kitagawa The main female character in the Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi Wo Suru series is Marin Kitagawa. In this article, we can explain Marin Kitagawa age, height, personality, relationship, and more.

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What Is Marin Kitagawa Age?

In the Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi Wo Suru series, Marin Kitagawa is the main character who is a feminist. She is 15 years old and a Pisces, which means she was born on March 5. Also, her average height is 164 cm, and she weighs about 50 kg. Even though Marin Kitagawa’s eyes are naturally brown, he wears contact lenses to get a shade of dark pink that goes better with his blond hair, which is slightly pink around the edges.

My Dress-Up Darling Marin Kitagawa Personality

Marin Kitagawa is thin, taller than average, and has light skin. Her natural eyes are dark brown, but she almost always wears dark pink contact lenses (outside of her cosplaying). She is a little on the thin side and has a small waist. She has silky blonde hair that goes down to her waist and has orange or pinkish-red tips. Her bangs reach the beginning of her eyelashes and cover most of her forehead and eyebrows. She also has two strands of hair that fall over her shoulders and end around her chest. Her hairstyles include long, straight hair; a single ponytail; a double ponytail; a double knot on top; a bun; and a single ponytail on top. In terms of gradation, her hair is all blonde at the top and gets pinkish-red or citrus-orange as it goes down. She does have piercings in her ears. On her left ear, she has one ring pierced, three pearl piercings, and an industrial piercing. On her right ear, she has two ring piercings and one pearl piercing. She also has long, pink acrylic nails with sparkles.

Her sense of style changes based on where she is. She wears a white shirt with one pocket on the left side of her chest, a navy blue tie, a plaid skirt, black socks, and brown shoes to school. She also wears a stretchy black choker, two bracelets on her left arm, and rings on both her right pinkie and left index finger. She usually wears outfits that she likes when she’s going somewhere casual.

My Dress-Up Darling Marin Kitagawa Story

One day, Marin falls and hits her head on Wakana Gojo’s table. She says she’s sorry, and that’s the first thing they say to each other. The next day, both Wakana and Marin have to clean up after school, but their relationship is still awkward. Wakana was going to use the school’s sewing machine to make a doll one day, but Marin came in and saw him. Marin likes Wakana’s doll and compliments his work on it. She then asks if he could help her make cosplays, which he agrees to do. So, the two of them become friends, and the series begins.

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My Dress-Up Darling Marin Kitagawa Family

When Marin was very young, her mother died, leaving her in her father’s care. Even though Marin’s father loves her, he often has to go work abroad, leaving her alone most of the time. Before the start of the series, Marin got a part-time job as a model.

Relationships Between Characters And Marin Kitagawa

Marin Kitagawa is surrounded by a lot of characters, and she has special relationships with many of them. This shows us who she is as a person.

Marin Kitagawa And Gojo

Marin is in love with the main male character, Gojou. Gojou. She has told him she will take them both to a lot of places. All things considered, Marin is a very nice person. She has respect for everyone and herself. Marin is liked by a lot of people because she looks perfect.

Marin Kitagawa Rule 34

Wakana agrees, and Marin Kitagawa likes his work a lot. He doesn’t mind showing his appreciation in front of everyone.
Their relationship changes over time, and by the end of the second book, Marin Kitagawa realizes that he loves Wakana. So, she will do everything she can to make him realize how she feels about him. She invites him to spend time with her everywhere, even at a special hotel. The date of birth is not known.

The Navy’s father advises her to complete her summer homework. This gives her a chance to go to Wakana’s house to work and eat with her. Marin Kitagawa blushes when Wakana says nice things about him, but he gets frustrated when he flatly denies that they are meeting. Surely she wants more from our friendship than that?

Marin Kitagawa And Nowa Sugaya

We could say that Nowa Sugaya is our main character’s best friend because, when she is not with Wakana, which is a lot, she is often seen with her. Their relationship is good because they served dinner together and went to get their hair done together.

Sajuna Inui_”Juju”

He thinks she is adorable, and he likes her cosplay a lot. When he’s at Wakana’s house, he gets to meet her in person, which leaves Marin speechless. She gets so upset and acts so strangely that Sajuna ends up feeling uncomfortable. Aside from this small thing, their friendship is getting stronger. And even though Sajuna didn’t want to do a cosplay with Marin Kitagawa at first, she ends up doing it because she just paid the studio’s rent.

Shinju Inui

She is the younger sister of Sajuna, and Marin Kitagawa was excited to meet her. And even though she thought Sajuna was small, delicate, and pretty at first, she was surprised by what she saw. Shinju was very different from her, but they quickly became fast friends. Marin is impressed by Shinju’s cosplay, Soma, and gets a little jealous when Wakana tells her that he and Shinju worked on it together and kept it a secret.
Marin Kitagawa is a typical teenager, and many people look up to her. They also support her in her complicated relationship with Wakana.

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