Nailed It: Is It Worth Watching Your Time ? Drama Covered Here

An American drama Nailed It, was released on Netflix on March 9, 2018, which is also known as Nailed It! Holiday (2018-2019) and Nailed It! Double Trouble (season 5).

Both the season went viral on the internet because of the amazing concept of the show.

Nailed It is a reality show in which bakers compete with each other in a bake-off competition in order to get a ‘Nailed It’ trophy and a cash prize worth  $10,000. The number of seasons in the show is eight across 2 series.

In this post, we are going to cover each and every insight about the show, that you all might be willing to know, so let’s start our post with this amazing heart-warming quote for bakers.

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Nailed It- Debut Dates of All Spin-Offs!

A Holiday season, dubbed Nailed It! The holiday was out on December 7, 2018. Nailed It! Holiday second season was released on November 22, 2019. On March 9.2018, the first season with all six episodes was released on Netflix.

All episodes along with a bonus episode were premiered on June 29, 2018, on Netflix, wine expert Antoni Porowski served as a guest judge and the drama featured the ‘Fab Five’ of Netflix’s Queer Eye series and the season ends with crossover peculiar.  The running time of episodes is 32-36 minutes.

On May 17, 2019, all episodes of the third season were released on Netflix followed by the fourth season premiered on April 1, 2020.

As the world was attacked by the dreadful disease Covid-19. Due to this pandemic, the fifth and sixth seasons played up with light dissemblance in which selection of the cake was done aurally in place of running towards them.

A big semi-circle takes place of the rectangular judge’s panel and in order to follow the social distancing, the kitchens of the competitors are distanced.

Nailed it

What Is The Main Concept Behind The Show?

American drama Nailed It, was encouraged by the craze of the people who keep trying but become unsuccessful to bake spacious cakes.

Three amateur bakers displayed their poor baking skills and tried to recreate the winning cash prize worth $10,000 and the Nailed It! trophy.

In the episode of 35 minutes, the bakers compete with each other in two challenges and showed their skills and efforts.

Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres judged the efforts of the contestants.

About The Challenges To Win, The Nailed It Trophy –

“Baker’s Choice” is the first challenge in which competitors have to pick one of three extant confectionery treats and recreate them.

And who did the best declared as the winner and get the opportunity to win a cash prize and to wear a golden chef’s hat?

“Nail It or Fail It” is the second challenge in which contestants get a scratch and they have two hours to recreate an involuted cake from scratch.

Each of the contestants received a ‘Panic Button’ to get three minutes of help from one of the jury members.

The jury members decided the winner based on the presentation of the cake and the taste. The winner gets the ‘Nailed It’ trophy and a cash award worth $10,000.

The celebrity contestants ‘Paul Scheer’, in one episode he split the $10,000 among his competitors and get the trophy.

Where We Can Watch – Nailed It

You can watch this American drama only on one of my favorite that is Netflix,

 Netflix -A subscription-based surging assistance that allows members to see TV shows and movies. The best platform to watch amazing series.

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Terminal Lines –

According to some audiences, the show is incredible and is a laugh a minute. What do you think about it?

Without any further delay just go and watch this hilarious drama and am sure that you gonna love it. Now it’s your turn to rate this amazing show.

So, am going to end this post. Hope you liked it and get to know enough about the Nailed It.

If you have any query let us know in the comment section so😊

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