Who Is Orochimaru Wife? Does He have Sons?

In this article, we’re going to talk about Orochimaru from Naruto and Boruto and tell you who Orochimaru wife and sons are. Orochimaru is a veteran ninja from Konohagakure. He is a member of Team Hiruzen and one of the legendary Sannin, along with his friends Jiraiya and Tsunade. He was one of the main bad guys of the series until Sasuke Uchiha killed him. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, his student revived him.

The rest of this article is going to be about Orochimaru’s family. Orochimaru is an unlikely character for a family-related article, but he does have a family, and we’re going to tell you who they are. This article will have some spoilers from both Naruto and Boruto, so be careful how you read it.

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Who Is Orochimaru Wife In Naruto?

In all of the Naruto books and movies, Orochimaru has never had a wife. Orochimaru is a very unique character. He doesn’t act like a normal human and he doesn’t have children as a normal human does. He has children through cloning and science, so he never needed a wife to have kids.

What Exactly Is Orochimaru?

In the Japanese folktale Jiraiya Gketsu Monogatari (The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya), Orochimaru is Jiraiya’s worst enemy. He used to be called Yashagoro and was one of Jiraiya’s followers, but serpent magic took over and changed his name to Orochi, which means “big snake” or “serpent.”

Is Orochimaru A Kid?

As far as Mitsuki knew, he was the only child of Orochimaru. But he finds out later that this isn’t true at all. The sneaky ninja has at least one more fake son. His name is Log. Log broke away from Orochimaru and now wants to kill both him and his father.

Is Orochimaru Still A Human?

The average human body, even a ninja’s body, can’t last forever. This is bad news for Orochimaru. He came up with a way to move his soul to a new body so that he could stay alive. Even though his old body is gone, Orochimaru is still alive and well.

Who Are The Sons Of Orochimaru In Naruto And Boruto?

Orochimaru does not have and has never had a wife. Because he is a special kind of character, he doesn’t have children as other people do. Instead, he makes copies of himself. Over the years, he’s had two cloned sons who are both synthetic humans. The older one was Log, and the younger one is Mitsuki, one of the main characters in Boruto.


Orochimaru Wife
Orochimaru Wife


A log is a synthetic human developed by Orochimaru from an embryo named “Mitsuki.” He rebelled against Orochimaru, got away, and took the name Log. He then decided to kill the original embryo that he came from.

This background tale was a ploy set up by Log and Orochimaru to force Mitsuki to choose: join him in destroying Orochimaru and them, stay with Orochimaru and follow his orders, or pick his route in life. Log spoke with Orochimaru before starting the plan. He said this was the sixth time they’d experimented.

Mitsuki destroyed Log’s initial base barrier. Log decided to face them, using a paralysis jutsu on the boy. He fought Orochimaru, who tried to poison him, but without success. Log locked him in his armor and went to attack Mitsuki, but was paralyzed by a little snake from Orochimaru.

Log convinced Orochimaru to remove his mask, showing his similarity and giving him the scenario they had constructed. They both tried to manipulate Mitsuki after leaving Orochimaru and arguing with Log.

The boy used his Sage Transformation and took Orochimaru’s embryo container, which contained information on Boruto Uzumaki. After stopping performing, Log and Orochimaru discussed Mitsuki’s success and future. In the anime, Orochimaru told Log that Mitsuki betrayed Konohagakure and discussed his progress. Then, Mitsuki’s motivation and hopes to become a world light were discussed.

The log has shoulder-length blue hair and golden eyes. Except for a scar on his right cheek, he resembles his brother Mitsuki. He met Orochimaru wearing a dark haori with a hood. He donned a contemporary kind of samurai armor with massive arms and shoulder protectors, outer thigh protectors, and a hybrid breastplate. His kabuki mask had eyeholes, a projecting nose, and frowning lips. He also wears a vertically strapped sword. His lighter is snake-themed.

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Orochimaru Wife
Orochimaru Wife

Orochimaru grows Mitsuki from the same embryo as his sibling. Mitsuki is called by the sixth Chinese zodiac “Tsuki” and “Mi.” Orochimaru, as his father, wanted Mitsuki to find independence from him. With each failure, he wiped Mitsuki’s memory.

Mitsuki’s father, Orochimaru, gives him medicine when he wakes up and tells Suigetsu Hzuki to take him to his chamber. On the way, Mitsuki is attacked with a kunai by Suigetsu, but he manages to avoid and disarm him. By stretching his limbs, he tried to finish Suigetsu, but he only damaged himself, so the Hzuki healed him and explained that he was testing him and that his memories had been taken.

After being transported to Orochimaru, he told Mitsuki he was his son and to help him find Log, who possessed his memories. Mitsuki goes to Orochimaru’s hiding place, which was protected by a Barrier Ninjutsu. She touches the barrier to break it down.

When he meets his target, he fights Orochimaru, who paralyzes him with snake poison. Log asks Mitsuki to remove his mask, revealing a much older Mitsuki, who informs him they were both synthetic beings built to fulfill Orochimaru’s goals and that what he was seeking was their embryo.

Orochimaru walks out and says they’re both his sons no matter how they were made. They argue and ask Mitsuki to choose a side. He becomes angry and says it doesn’t matter which one he chooses.

Mitsuki steals Orochimaru’s scroll and key with one of his Ethereal Serpents and flees. When he opens the scroll, he undoes his transformation and decides to see Boruto Uzumaki in Konoha. Mitsuki entered Ninja Academy after moving to Konoha.

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