Ricegum Net Worth:How Is He Still Rich?(2022)

Ricegum Net Worth: RiceGum is a social media star in the United States who started as an online gamer. He is best known for live-streaming himself playing Call of Duty on social media. He made his video blogging accounts on different social media sites, and his funny trolling and honest comments about celebrities made him famous right away.

Under the name RiceGum, Brian started posting videos, diss tracks, and slideshows about celebrities on the Internet in October 2012. Today, we’re going to talk about Ricegum net worth, including his salary, income, cars, house, career, relationships, and a lot more.

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RiceGum Early Life

RiceGum was born on November 19, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada. His father is Vietnamese and his mother is Chinese. But they moved to the United States, so he is the first generation of his family to live there. RiceGum started his YouTube and Twitter accounts in October 2012. At first, he posted simple videos of himself playing Call of Duty.

RiceGum Career


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In the same year that he started his YouTube channel, he also started working with Machinima. RiceGum started as a gaming YouTuber, like KSI, and that’s how he got his first fans and grew on the site. Later, he started doing comedy. He started making videos in which he yelled at the kids who made videos for the app.

And music is the third part of his YouTube career. RiceGum started rapping, and most of his songs were “diss tracks” in which he talked badly about other famous YouTubers.One of his disco tracks made it to number 80 on the Billboard Hot 100. RiceGum and Jake Paul are the only other YouTubers to make it to the Billboard Hot 100. Jake Paul, Danielle Bregoli, and Gabrielle Hanna are all targets of his other diss tracks.

He turned this into a rap career, and his songs have been watched and downloaded millions of times. Still, it’s always good to have different things.

Ricegum Net Worth

Ricegum Net Worth
Ricegum Net Worth

Ricegum net worth is estimated to have made a total of $12.5 million throughout his career, mostly from YouTube and its spinoffs. Since RiceGum lived in California until 2017, when he moved to Nevada, he will have had to pay around 36% in taxes on his career income. That is because Nevada does not have a state income tax. His estimated career earnings are around $8 million, and he has paid $4.5 million in taxes

RiceGum House

In July 2017, RiceGum moved from its hometown of Las Vegas to a huge mansion in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles.RiceGum has not said whether he bought or rented the mansion. He shares a house with FaZe Banks and other people. Justin Bieber is one of the people who have lived in the mansion before.

Zillow says that the house can be bought for $12.5 million right now. It has 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms and is about 12,500 square feet in size. This explains why so many other people live in the RiceGum house. The estimated rent for the house is $47,000.

RiceGum Car

Ricegum Net Worth
Ricegum Net Worth

RiceGum is the proud owner of a white Lamborghini as well as a white Rolls Royce. The beginning price of a Lamborghini is $199,800, whereas the beginning price of a Rolls Royce is almost $305,000.

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RiceGum Personal Life

RiceGum came into the world on November 19, 1996, in Las Vegas. His family isn’t very wealthy, and he lives with his parents and siblings somewhere in Nevada. In many of the videos he has posted, he talks about how loving and caring his parents are. He keeps his personal life separate from his work life so that his family doesn’t have to deal with rude comments from other YouTubers.

His mother wanted him to be a doctor, but he was more interested in building a career on the Internet. RiceGum says in a lot of video posts that living with your parents is good because you don’t have to pay rent. But in one of his videos from January 2017, he said he was thinking about getting his apartment and talked about some of his favorite houses and places.

Abby Rao was dating RiceGum. Since 2020, he has had a romantic relationship with Ellerie Marie.

RiceGum Controversy

On his video blog, RiceGum harshly criticized Alabama Parker’s upbringing and way of life. Alabama is the daughter of singer Travis Parker and is only 10 years old. Her dad and stepmom took action right away and got the video taken down from YouTube.

Gabbi Hanna, a video blogger, posted a video in which she said that RiceGum had hurt her and destroyed her cell phone. She then posted a Snapchat video of the wounds RiceGum gave her. Strangely, this controversy made more people want to follow her and fewer people want to follow RiceGum. RiceGum said he broke the phone, but he said the wounds were stretch marks.

People who watched him said that he could have been more polite and that he was too harsh. She didn’t file a lawsuit, but she did ask for her cell phone to be paid for. He was also kicked off of Twitch because one of his videos showed a BB gun.

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