Rocket League Season 8 Is Almost Here!

In addition, Rocket League Season 8 will debut a brand-new Rocket Pass with 70 tiers and a ton of exciting content centered on the “Streetwear” theme. The wildly popular game of auto football will also feature the Honda Civic Type R. Hit the Streets is ready to begin. The return of the “Haunted Hallows” event and a new map will revive the eerie atmosphere in the upcoming season. Detailed information is provided below.

Rocket League Season 8 Released Date

Players will have three months to finish the new Rocket Pass after Rocket League Season 8 begins on September 8, 2022, at roughly 4 p.m. PT, 7 p.m. ET, and midnight BST (September 8).

Additionally, Season 7 will end on this date, giving players until September 7 to complete their Season 7 Rocket Pass purchases before Season 8 launches on the following day. The eighth season of Rocket League, “Hit the Streets,” is named after the new map and will have “streetwear”-themed cosmetics in its Rocket Pass.

Rocket League Season 8 Expectations?


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The new arena “Sovereign Heights” will be included in Season 8. The new arena, which will add some spice to the current map rotation, appears to be situated in a busy urban area. It looks quite professional and will undoubtedly be enjoyable to play on.

A famous Rocket League event called Haunted Hallows will also be back with Season 8 of the game. Rocket League has recently been incorporated into other media, including Batman, Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, and others. What the developers have in store this time is a mystery. The standard Rocket Pass, which has 70 tiers and a ton of fantastic rewards, is also available. This should satisfy any player.

Rocket League Season 8 Map

Players will also receive a brand-new arena called Sovereign Heights, in addition to a fresh Rocket Pass to complete that is full of awards and cosmetics. This underground soccer arena is in the “active neighborhood of Sovereign Heights,” where Rocket League games will be played at night. A new hoop arena will also be available to players later in the campaign.

Rocket League Season 8 Rewards

In addition to the Rocket Pass benefits, players can gain additional rewards through the ongoing seasonal tournament and the new Black Market. The Season 8 Tournament provides the following rewards:

  • Player Banner for Sk8s
  • Hibachi Toppling

The following items will be offered as rewards on the new Black Market:

  • Starliner Decal
  • Goal Amplitude Explosion

These can only be claimed if you are fortunate. The new season will be completed just before the year’s end. Season 8 will conclude in December 2022. Before that, a great deal of activity will unfold!

Rocket League Season 8 Pass Content

An IRL car will be featured in the Rocket Pass of Rocket League Season 8 for the first time. By purchasing the Premium Rocket Pass this time, players can receive the Honda Civic Type R right away. With the same hitbox as the Octane, this gorgeous car will give you a competitive advantage. Later in the Rocket Pass, the Honda Civic Type R-LE, a more advanced model, will be unlocked.

These vehicles will include several conceivable cosmetic extras, such as the EdgeLight package, which will give them an exhilarating glowing effect at the bottom of their body kit. To get your Honda Civic Type R, just choose “Get Premium” from the main menu’s Rocket Pass menu.


Before the eighth season of Rocket League premieres, a trailer will be released for those in the community who are curious. When the trailer becomes available, we will update this page. We will be able to see possible new maps, new cars, and new rewards, so keep a lookout for them. The trailer will give us a sneak peek at what is to come in season 8.

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