Scissor Seven Season 4: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

Scissor Seven Season 4: Scissor Seven is a Chinese animated streaming television series. Scissor Seven was available on Netflix. A cinematic sequel to the series was unveiled at the end of the third season’s final episode. The Chinese anime ‘Scissor Seven’ (also known as Killer 7) is making waves around the world for its playful take on the traditionally bleak assassin story.
While Scissor Seven appears to be another vacuous cash grab, it has swiftly become a sleeper smash thanks to its colorfully strange universe and characters who grow on you with each episode. Whether you like dark and edgy assassin animes or not, Scissor Seven will grab you in no time-just be prepared for a wild trip.

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Scissor Seven Season 4 Renewed Or Cancelled

“Scissor Seven” has not yet been officially renewed for a fourth season. The conclusion of the third season of the anime was a cliffhanger. According to a WeChat post by the show’s director, He Xiaofeng, new seasons may be added.

The director revealed that the anime will be canceled after ten seasons as part of a “20-year-long IP operation.” Scissor Seven will premiere in China on Bilibili, Tencent Video, Youku, iQIYI, and Sohu Video before becoming available worldwide on Netflix. The popularity of anime extends from China to the rest of the world. Consequently, the likelihood of a fourth season appears to be high.

Scissor Seven Season 4 Story Line

“Scissor Seven” is not based on a manga series like most Japanese animations. So, it gets harder and harder to guess what will happen next, especially when a movie is being made. Some people think that the upcoming movie will be a prequel to the first two movies in the series. If this is the case, the storyline for Season 4 will probably pick up where Season 3 left off. If the movie isn’t a prequel, as was thought before, it will change the storyline of the fourth season.

“Scissor Seven’s” third season ended with a cliffhanger. After being poisoned by the black ice, Seven has stopped thinking about his Chicken Farm friends. Seven and Thirteen are likely to be attacked again soon by Manjusaka and Shimen.

Scissor Seven Season 4 Cast

Scissor Seven Season 4
Scissor Seven Season 4

Dai Bo, the blue chicken’s best friend, will be played once again by Jas Patrick, while Xiao Fei, the flying chicken, will be played by Jill Bartlett. It would be great to see Jennie Kwan, Karen Huie, and Lawrence Saint-Victor in the roles of Thirteen, Chairman Jiang, and Mad Bark. Seven, the protagonist, is portrayed by comedian and actor Ronny Chieng in the English version. Chieng was featured in Godzilla vs. Kong, Shang-Chi, Crazy Rich Asians, and The Legend of the Ten Rings, and since 2015, she has been a correspondent on The Daily Show.

Scissor Seven Season 4 Release Date

Scissor Seven Season 4 
Scissor Seven Season 4

Even though fans are hoping that Scissor Seven will be renewed for a fourth season, they will still have to wait a while before it is on Netflix. The anime only comes to the streaming service after it has been shown in China, and there is usually a gap of 18 months between seasons. Keeping these dates in mind, the fourth season of Scissor Seven is likely to come out in China around the middle or end of 2022 and be available on Netflix around the world by 2023.

Fans can watch the first three seasons again or watch other shows made by the same studio, MAPPA. Scissor Seven is an anime that was made in China and has been running for three seasons. In China, the first season aired in 2017, and in 2019, it was put on Netflix. The same thing happened with the second season. It came out first in China in 2018 and then on Netflix in 2020. The third season is currently airing in China, and it’s expected to come to Netflix sometime in 2021.

Even if the anime is picked up for a fourth season soon, we will still have to wait a while for it to come out on Netflix. The anime doesn’t show up on the streaming platform until at least eighteen months after it first aired in China. Keeping these dates in mind, the fourth season of Scissor Seven is likely to come out in China around the middle or end of 2022 and be available on Netflix around the world by 2023.

The Chinese producers and international broadcast partners have kept quiet about when Scissor Seven season 4 will come out. Season 1 started in China in April of last year, and seasons 2 and 3 followed in October and January of the following year. According to what director Xiaofeng said about the ten planned seasons and 20 years, the show could come back to China as early as spring 2022.

Because of this, the fourth season of the TV show is likely to be pushed back, as explained below. Since Netflix has been showing Scissor Seven four to six months after it ends in China, fans outside of China may have to wait a little longer for season 4. Internal sources say that the fourth season of Scissor Seven will debut in China in the third quarter of 2022 and will be available on Netflix in late December 2022 or early 2023.

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Scissor Seven Season 4 Trailer

There have been no discoveries thus far. We do not currently know when the fourth season of the anime will air. Consequently, there will not be an official trailer for quite a while.

The anime is a fan favorite, with an IMDB rating of 8.3/10 and an 8.12/10 season average on My Anime List. It is also a fantastic illustration of Netflix’s entry into Chinese content. So, if the show is renewed in China, the streaming giant is likely to keep the rights and keep selling it.

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