Are Shaina And Christos Still Together?From Love Is Blind!

Shaina And Christos Still Together: Shaina Hurley, star of the Netflix series “Love Is Blind,” did not find love during the show’s second season, but she did find her happily ever after. Shortly after filming concluded in the spring of 2021, Hurley began seeing her future husband, Christos Lardakis, following a separation with co-star Kyle Abrams. A year after their July wedding, the couple is living happily married lives.

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During the second season premiere of “Love Is Blind: After the Altar,” on September 16, viewers were introduced to Hurley’s boyfriend for the first time. But after the reality star’s confession at the season two reunion, many fans are wondering when the couple first started dating. It seems that they knew each other before Hurley appeared in “Love Is Blind.”

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Shaina And Christos  “Love Is Blind: After The Altar,” Journey

In 2019, Shaina met contractor Christos (or just Chris) through a mutual friend while they were both on Facetime. She “immediately fell in love with him,” she says. The hairdresser did want to date him from the start, but “it was one of those situations where it was the perfect man but the wrong time,” she said on the reality show. “Then it’s interesting how God works because He brought him back into my life at the right time,” Shaina said before saying they reconnected when they “saw each other at a wedding in Greece.”


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Chris was first interested in Shaina because of her voice, but he was always working and couldn’t give her the time and attention they needed to make things work. He said that he is still as focused on his career as ever, but “your heart grows fonder, right? If you care about someone, it either does or it doesn’t, “and after what happened in Greece, it did. Chris said, “When I’m not with her, I miss her.” You know it’s over if you miss the person you’re with. So, I feel that way all the time because they are your best friend and your soulmate.

Shaina and Chris had a strong connection because they had similar personalities, senses of humor, and core values. They also built on this by doing what they said they would do. That’s why they trusted each other so much that when they heard about Shaina and Shane’s inappropriate DMs, they didn’t even bat an eye. She may have later shown the messages to her new fiance, who had proposed to her the night before, just to make him laugh since he didn’t find anything scandalous or salacious in them.

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Shaina And Christos Still Together?

After the Altar showed footage of Christos proposing to Shaina, and in the last episode of the reunion special, Shaina told Shayne Jansen about her wedding plans. Photos of the cast show that the ceremony took place this summer in Greece, a few months after the reunion was filmed.

Shaina says that everything was planned by Christos, who calls her his “soulmate.” “I had always wanted to get married in Greece, but he surprised me, and it was really beautiful,” she says.


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Even though Shaina didn’t find her husband on Love Is Blind, she and Christos both agree that the show had something to do with their story. Shaina says, “It’s such an amazing experience that you can’t help but change.” “And for me, I felt it made me better. It made me stay true to who I am and not always try to please other people. So you can see that in the way we get along. He even said, like, ‘You’re different!'”


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This summer, Shaina and Christos got married, but several of Shaina’s Love Is Blind friends, including Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely, and Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl, announced they were getting a divorce. Shaina says she had talked to Danielle, and even though they had “discussions before,” the news still came as a shock.

She says, “I was surprised because I thought they were such a nice couple. I know it’s complicated, so I just want them to be happy and get better. ”


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