Sister Wives Episode 8 of Season 17 latest Update!

Sister Wives Episode 8 of Season 17: The reality show on TLC depicting a polygamist family, Sister Wives, returns tonight with a brand-new season 17 episode 8 titled “Hang On With Me” on Sunday, October 30, 2022, and we have your weekly Sister Wives recap below. According to the synopsis for tonight’s Sister Wives Episode 8 of Season 17 “Kody deals with the aftermath of his divorce while Christine prepares to leave Flagstaff.”

Meri and Robyn have a heart-to-heart about the family’s future as Ysabel leaves for college. Please return between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET for our Sister Wives recap. Check out all of our Sister Wives, news, recaps, videos, and more right here while you wait for our recap!

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In Sister Wives Episode 8 of Season 17: Christine Will Propose A New Divorce Settlement To Kody

In Sister Wives Episode 8 of Season 17
In Sister Wives Episode 8 of Season 17

This week on Sister Wives, Meri and Robyn will have a conversation about Kody staying at the latter’s house more than any other wife, and Robyn will wonder how long Meri can hold on to a marriage like that. The conversation will focus on Robyn’s claim that Kody stays at her house more often than he does at the house of any other wife. She will also be seen admitting that the reason she married Kody was not that she wanted a romantic relationship but because she wanted a good father for her three children. This confession will be shown.

If the roles were reversed, the sister wives would muse on whether or not Kody would have made a suitable “brother husband.” Kody will divulge the fact that if that were the case, he most likely would not have worked at all and instead would have spent the entire day interacting with other people and playing games.

Aside from that, Christine and Kody’s daughter Ysabel will be leaving for the state of North Carolina to pursue her education at a university there. Christine will pack up Kody’s belongings and move them out of her own house, and she will then provide Kody with an alternative divorce settlement proposal.

Instead of dividing the revenues from both houses equally, she will propose to him that he remove her community land in exchange for the total proceeds from her own house.

In Sister Wives Season 17, Episode 7: Truly Discusses The Divorce(Recap)


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In tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, Christine invites Kody over to retrieve his belongings. He’s not happy, and he doesn’t have time to do it, but he’s coping. The discussion then turns to whose money is whose. She is selling her home and believes she should keep the proceeds, allowing Kody and the others to retain the Coyote Pass acreage. After a lengthy debate, Kody concludes that this is the most ethical approach, even though it is unfair. Janelle concurs that this is the best course of action.

Janelle is still adjusting to life in an RV. She enjoys the scenery and the tranquility, but there are concerns with trash removal and water access. Kody is annoyed by everything, but he does not want to tell her so. He stops by to provide her with water and to deliver the garbage to the curb.

Robyn visits Meri. They discuss how odd everything is. They wished that Kody had fought on her behalf. In addition, they are upset that Kody is not keeping his prior marriages. He shares that he is distressed and needs time to grieve. Meri reveals to Robyn that she has no idea why she stays. She is not romantically involved with Kody. Robyn finds it quite disturbing that their family is undergoing these changes. Her hope is being dashed.

Robyn would never intentionally cause harm to this family. She wants them to see it as well. She is also pleased that Meri is holding on. They discuss the children and fear that they will be confused.

Christine does not know which of her children is aware that she is leaving Kody. Robyn and Meri consider a possible location for Christine to remain on Coyote Pass. She could remain in the household. Kody believes Christine is leaving to be closer to her family and to find a spouse.

Kody spends time with his newlywed best friend, Brian. Brian is thriving in his new role as a spouse. Brian merely wishes for Kody and Christine’s happiness. In the meantime, Christine sells her spouse’s bed. On her final night in bed, she reflected on both the happy and bad times.

Isabel departs for North Carolina. Christine and Truly will accompany her during the initial ten days. They intend to embark on a thrilling road trip. Everyone piles into the car with Kody. Kody bids farewell to them. He didn’t want to go since he couldn’t leave the other children, and he didn’t want to travel with Christine, who seemed eager to end their marriage.

After saying goodbye to Kody, Ysabel gets in her car and begins to cry. She is uncertain about the next time she will see him. Christine wishes their relationship was stronger.
Sister Wives airs every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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