Sousei No Onmyouji Season 2: Release Date, Cast, & Plot

Not much new is here, and it’s basically like every other shounen anime you’ve ever seen, therefore it’s a waste of your time to watch. There are parts where you think, “Wow, this looks very amazing,” and then there are parts where you think, “Eh!” Incredibly, while the first 20 episodes faithfully follow the manga, the final 30 include an entirely new tale.

It may not look any different, but the whole experience is rather different because of this unconventional approach. As a long-running anime, like many others of its kind, it has “filler” episodes. The beautiful thing about this movie’s fillers is that they’re mostly relevant to the overall story. However, I believe that ‘Sousi no Onmyyouji’ could have been condensed a bit further.

There are many popular shounen shows produced by Studio Pierrot including “Naruto,” “Bleach,” and “Tokyo Ghoul.” Sousi no Onmyyouji is not one of their better works, but it does have some pretty wonderful moments. The biggest problem with the art style is its inconsistency with the quality and colours.

Dubstep music is prevalent in the show’s OSTs, which is surprising at first, but it works well with the show’s action scenes. Even after you’ve finished watching, you’ll still be able to remember the film’s soundtrack. To summarize, ‘Sousei no Onmyyouji’ has its share of memorable scenes and plot twists, but it also has its share of clunkers that will leave many disappointed and disillusioned.

Sousei No Onmyouji Season 2: Release Date

“Twin Star Exorcists” Season 1 debuted on April 6, 2016, and ran until March 29, 2017, releasing 50 episodes. Even now, new volumes of the manga are released on a regular basis. However, the first season of the anime finished on a high note, pointing us in the direction of the series’ conclusion.

In theory, the creators may deviate from the manga slightly and then come up with an entirely new season, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon. Now that the first season hasn’t been on the air for too long, there’s still hope for a second.

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Despite the show’s low ratings on most anime platforms, it has a large and devoted following of fans eager to see more of it. As of now, there have been no official announcements from the studio regarding a ‘Twin Star Exorcists’ season 2 release date. We’ll be sure to keep this page updated as soon as we learn anything official about its upcoming season.

Sousei No Onmyouji Season 2: The English dub of Twin Star Exorcists is available below.

Sousei no Onmyouji is available in English on Crunchyroll and Funimation. A subtitled version is also available on the above-mentioned platforms.

Sousei No Onmyouji Season 2: Plot

Magano is a parallel dimension ruled by deadly monsters known as “Kegare,” and it is here that exorcists attempt to deal with these unclean entities. Benio Adashino, a child prodigy noted for her strength, is one of these exorcists. An Exorcist Union unexpectedly summons her to Tokyo one day.

Rokuro, an exorcist with a rough past, crosses her path on her journey. The two sisters observe the monsters taking two youngsters from Magano soon after this. In Magano, Benio chases after them and brings Rokuro with her. With the help of the “Kegare,” she engages in a full-scale combat with them, and is completely outnumbered.

Suddenly, Rokuro exposes his full might and saves her just as she is about to be defeated. In fact, it appears that he may be her only real opponent as an exorcist. The two formidable exorcists are destined to face off against one other. Second-season actors and actresses of Souse no Onmyouji

Sousei No Onmyouji Season 2: Cast

Benio Adashino

“Twin Exorcists” twin Benio Adashino is the show’s key female protagonist. Although she’s a teenager with an exceptionally huge head, her short stature is disguised by her blue-purple hair and deep green eyes. Her school uniform and exorcist garb are frequently seen on her during battles. Both of her legs were amputated in war, so she has phantom legs to wear in their place.

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Her lack of interest in socialising has led to her being perceived as an aloof and impassive person who is easily annoyed. She’s just interested in exorcisms since that’s all she cares about. She is unwilling to give up despite her fear of losing. She gets a little competitive when she’s around Rokuro because he’s her biggest rival. She’s not afraid to face him front on, whether it’s on the battlefield or in her daily life.

She is unwavering in her will and will not relinquish her goal until she has achieved it. When she feels humiliated, she is prone to fainting. In the future, she establishes a close friendship with Rokuro and learns to be a kind and considerate person toward him. In the early stages of developing feelings for him, she is unable to express herself because of her inflated sense of self-importance.

Her admiration for him and jealousy begin to emerge as her knowledge of him grows. By using charms, she can boost the potency of her combat talents by two or three. For her, it’s one of her greatest advantages because she can use six enchantments at the same time. Two charm swords are on her person, and she wears a fox mask over one eye.

Rokuro Enmado

To become the “Twin Star Exorcists,” Rukoro Endamo (also known as Rokuro Enmadou) and Benio join forces. To bring an end to evil, they must unite to create a Miko, a child born of their marriage. Ruby red eyes and a messy bun are Rukoru’s mother’s trademark features. The right arm he lost at the age of 12 was replaced by a “special” one. In his younger years, Rokuro dreamed of ridding the earth of evil monsters, and he was a happy-go-lucky young man.

After a series of terrifying encounters, he finally makes the decision to give up his exorcist abilities and lead a normal life. In the course of his quest for meaning, he engages in such pastimes as soccer and reading, and he even muses over taking up acting as a profession. It becomes clear to him that he lacks the ability to perform any of these tasks and that his only competence is in combat with Kagare.

In spite of his belief in nonviolence and desire to avoid conflict, he can’t stand by and watch his loved ones suffer. In order to defend people he holds dear, he is always willing to risk his own life. It is hard for him to open up about the pain from his past because he hides it from the rest of the world. They will become the “Twin Star Exorcists” and the parents of Miko, who will purge Magano’s realm of all evil.

Final Lines

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