Stars Align Season 2 Release Date: Confirmed Or Cancelled? All Updates

The original “Stars Align” anime will finish in December 2019 with the twelfth episode. With just a few hours to spare before he posted a Stars Align Season 2 status report, director Kazuki Akane stated that the series previously slated to air as Two-Cour will obtain a Season 2.

Although the idea is very conventional and takes place in a typical high school, the individuals are what really push the story along. As a tennis-themed anime series, ‘Prince of Tennis’ is all I can think of. This is a refreshing change from the usual sports anime fare, which focuses almost exclusively on the sports of basketball and volleyball.

Such events aren’t only for sports fans, but they’re also a great source of inspiration for everyone who enjoys a good narrative about an underdog. ‘Hoshiai no Sora‘, on the other hand, is a must-watch. However, now that its first season has ended, you must be wondering whether it will return for a second season. What follows is an in-depth explanation of the subject matter at hand.

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Stars Align Season 2 Is Coming?

Kazuki Akane at Studio 8bit (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 3, Knights and Magic Season 2 & Absolute Duo Season 2) has written and directed a Japanese original anime television series called “Stars Align” (Hoshiai no Sora). Beginning on October 10, 2019, the show ran for ten weeks.

Many worldwide fans of the series have contacted Kazuki Akane through his Twitter account to enquire about the status of the sequel. Anyone who could have been misled by a faulty translation was given a second chance to hear him out.

A business to take up the project to make a “Stars Align Season 2” has not been found since the conclusion of the first anime’s television broadcast. So far he has been unable to find animators.

Despite the fact that the current situation does not lend itself to a sequel that would convey the tale originally intended to be told over the course of 24 episodes, Kazuki Akane is working to make episodes 13 through 24 and deliver them to the audience.

Between October and December of this year, “Stars Align” was aired on Funimation as a simulcast with English subtitles. In May of 2020, a two-minute fan film based on the TV show was released.

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Stars Align Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of ‘Stars Align’ began airing on October 11, 2019, and concluded on December 27, 2019, after a run of 12 episodes. “Stars Align” has been well-received compared to other recent sports anime, and its fans are eagerly awaiting the show’s second season.

According to director Kazuki Akane, who tweeted that the anime was originally scheduled to run for 24 episodes in its first season but was shortened to 12 because of scheduling issues, there is good news for these fans. On Twitter, he notes that the anime will return in some form and that fans of the series should support it in whatever manner they can until that time arrives. So now that the show’s director has guaranteed a second season of ‘Stars Align,’ you may anticipate the second season to be released by 2021.

The celestial alignment is perfect. Junior high school soft tennis club is on the danger of being shut down due to lack of engagement from kids in “Hoshiai no Sora,” also known as “Stars Align,” a Japanese anime.

For the sake of the squad and the school, Touma Shinjou enlists Maki Katsuragi, a fellow bright student, to join the team and compete in the next tournament. However, Katsuragi accepts, but begs for money so he can continue to play. In order to rescue their school’s tennis club and become the next state champions, the two of them come to an arrangement.

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Stars Align Season 2 Characters

Newcomer Maki Katsuragi is a talented tennis player at Shijou South Middle School. To assist out around the home, he stays with his mother.

  • This is Shinjo Touma – Touma is the head of the school’s tennis team. Prior to Maki’s arrival, he was the only member of the squad who consistently put out his best effort.
  • Itsuki Ameno – Itsuki is the school’s smallest tennis player, but he also has a harsh demeanour. When it comes to participating in the sport, he is completely uninterested and exhibits no enthusiasm whatsoever.
  • Fushun Rintarou – It is Rintarou’s duty as the tennis team’s vice captain to look out for the best interests of the squad as a whole. He cares so much about everyone he comes into contact with that it may be a touch irritating to the rest of the group. While Rintarou is a bit envious of Maki’s excellent capabilities, he also loses faith in his own leadership qualities as Vice-captain.
  • Issei Shigotoshi – An’s older brother Shigo is a joy to be around, as he’s usually beaming with a big grin on his face. He has a great sense of humour and enjoys making his coworkers laugh.
  • Tsubasa Soga -Tsubasa might be a little frigid towards others at times, but he will not hold back if he is provoked to an extreme degree. However, unlike Itsuki, he is able to calm off pretty quickly.

Boys in a middle school soft tennis club, which is set to be disbanded, are the central characters in this coming-of-age tale. Shinjo Toma suggests a summer tournament in order to get Katsuragi Maki to join the squad due to his highly regarded abilities. In order to get money, Katsuragi plans to join the squad.

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End Lines

Hoshiai no Sora’s first season was a standout among the greatest in the year’s worth of anime. Both the critics and the general public were blown away by it. The programme currently has a MyAnimeList rating of 7.57. The anime has been favourably received and is also quite popular.

This group has more than 147,500 members and is rated #1170 in popularity on The creators of Stars Align Season 2 will be convinced to continue the series based on these figures. A lot of messages have been received to those involved in the creation of the show by its viewers.

However, only the director of the series reversed. If all goes according to plan, the programme will be given the all-clear very shortly.

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