Sunshine Of My Life Chinese Drama Summary : Can We Expect S2?

For the first time since I last saw Zhang Han in a TV show, I decided to watch Sunshine Of My Life. When I learned that this was a romantic drama with a whopping 45 episodes, I mentally braced myself for some tedious stretches. After all, this is a common problem in Chinese dramas, where plots drag on when they might have been wrapped up far sooner. Regardless, you can check out my review of Sunshine of My Life below to see if I think it’s a waste of time or not.

Sunshine Of My Life Chinese Drama Storyline: Summary Of The Series

Tang Ming Xuan is the general manager of Mingyuan Fashion Group. He is a young industry pioneer and a typical workaholic. His life has always been lonely, but that changed when he met Mo Fei, a designer who doesn’t make sense. Mo Fei and Tang Ming Xuan meet at a design competition. Mo Fei helps Tang Ming Xuan understand how important the traditional and intangible heritage techniques of Su embroidery are.

Every time they meet, sparks fly, but they never happen at the right time. Mo Fei goes to another country to study while Ming Xuan works on Mingyuan’s new plan. Tang Ming Xuan’s childhood sweetheart also shows up, and there’s never a good time to tell each other the truth. Mo Fei will study in Paris. She is a long way away, and Ming Xuan is still in China. After a lot of ups and downs, the two finally understand what the other person wants. Their dreams are brighter and stronger because they love each other. With their combined efforts, Mingyuan’s plan to expand overseas goes forward.

Even though they fight all the time, they always stick to what they set out to do, and their feelings for each other grow stronger over time. They find love and ideas from Shanghai to Suzhou to Paris.

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Sunshine Of My Life Chinese Drama Cast & Characters:

Tang Ming Xuan

Ming Xuan is the CEO of Ming Yuan Group, clothing, and fashion design company. Father and company founder: His father is the Chairman and CEO of the company. Entrepreneur and hard worker Ming Xuan excel in both fields. When he’s at work, his demeanor is calm and reasonable, with a no-nonsense approach.

Mo Fei

Fashion design student Mo Fei has a lot of potentials. She’s an excellent embroiderer who’s particularly interested in the history of needlework and the design of textiles. Mo Fei is a self-starter who aspires to be the best at what she does. When she is bullied, she knows how to stand up for herself.

  • Hans Zhang Han as Tang Ming Xuan
  • Lulu Xu Lu as Mo Fei
  • Jerron Wu Di Fei as Mo Fan
  • Zhang Tian Ying as Lu Zhu
  • Hong Yao as Fang Xiao Yu
  • Wang Rui Zi as Xia Xue Ling
  • Shi Qing Yan as Bai Xiao Man
  • Jiao Na as Shen Jia Xi
  • Guo Zi Qian as Mi Duo Duo
  • Xu Ge as Cheng Yang
  • Wang Xuan as Fang Qian
  • Li Xin Zhe as Yang Guang
  • Wang Jin Song as Tang Qi Ren / Director Tang
  • Wen Zheng Rong as Lu Dan / Mrs. Tang
  • Zhang Chen Guang as Fang Wei Guo / Director Fang
  • Ma Wei Jiang as Xia Zhen Dong / Director Xia
  • Zhang Yi as Zhu Hai Tian
Sunshine Of My Life Chinese Drama Ending Explained
Sunshine Of My Life Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Sunshine Of My Life Chinese Drama Ending Explained:

Ming Xuan and Mo Fei’s wedding is the final scene of Sunshine of My Life. Ming Xuan’s childhood meeting with a little girl and the wonderful playing they enjoyed is a reminiscence of the beginning. Mo Fei and Ming Xuan have decided to get married in the spot where they first met as children. Ming Xuan’s account of how they met during his wedding speech is also a surprise to Mo Fei, who has extremely sketchy memories of what transpired back then. It wasn’t until they were 20 years apart that they were able to meet for the second time.

After much reluctance, Ming Xuan’s mother ultimately welcomes Mo Fei. Mo Fei has no choice but to accept Ming Xuan’s proposal because they have already registered their marriage. Ming Xuan and his father take their time convincing her to accept Mo Fei into their family. In addition, Xue Ling had already made the decision not to wed Ming Xuan before.

Before founding her own brand and retail outlet with Duo Duo, Mo Fei continued to study traditional clothing and fabric designs. She accepts Cheng Yang’s proposal as well.

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Sunshine Of My Life Chinese Drama Reviews:

Even though I’ve seen the entire show, I’m having a hard time writing a review because I’m feeling so many mixed feelings. For example, there are 45 episodes here, and the first eight episodes were a little slow for my taste. In my opinion, the plot could have been condensed down to thirty episodes. Consequently, the drama is filled with tedious passages. In order to try this, you’ll need to be prepared for that. You want to know what happens next to the main couple and the challenges that their love rivals offer, so it’s a little addictive.

The good news is that even if you use the fast forward button a lot, you can still keep up with the tale. Alternatively, you can speed up the playback speed. This would put an end to your ennui and allow you to finish the drama. Sunshine Of My Life, on the other hand, might not be that dull if you’re like fashion design or traditional Chinese embroidery. This play contains a substantial amount of material pertaining to these themes. As a result, some of the scenes may be tedious for some, but delightful for others depending on their interest in learning about the subject matter.

On top of that, there are no new surprises in the romance. Even as the story unfolds, the plot becomes very stale..

Final Words

For this review of Sunshine of My Life, I’d give it a 7/10. Those who enjoy lighthearted romances will be drawn to this one, as there are no tantrums or lengthy misunderstandings. Critics will be outraged, though, because the plot is drudgery and the Chinese cultural dress part is novel as a backdrop to the relationship. If you’re a sucker for romantic comedies, give it a shot. In the end, you can always utilise the fast-forward button!

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