Tammy Saton As Failed To Lose The Weight She Set For Herself!

Tammy Slaton has failed to lose the weight she set for herself on the television show 1000-lb Sisters, and viewers are beginning to worry that the media personality isn’t concerned about becoming bedridden. Medical professionals tell Tammy and her sister Amy that if they do not improve their fitness, they would lose their mobility and will be confined to their beds in the near future.

Take a look at why 1000-lb Sisters fans believe Tammy prefers to stay bedridden, starting with her unwillingness to take small walks and ending with her ambivalence about her present health problem.

Throughout her three years as a reality television star, Tammy has shown little sign of being committed to achieving her weight loss objectives. Amy and Tammy appeared to be determined and eager to change their lives around in the first season of 1000-lb Sisters. In response to Tammy’s indications that she was not as devoted to altering her lifestyle as her sister, the Slaton sisters’ doctor informed them that undergoing weight reduction surgery is a matter of life and death for them.

Tammy’s doctor warned her that if she continued to gain weight, she would lose her ability to walk and would become bedridden. In the event that Tammy were forced to remain in bed, her doctor said that regaining her health would be impossible.

However, fans believe Tammy is not concerned about her imminent bedbound situation despite the fact that Amy and Amy’s brother, Chris, were alarmed by the incident. Throughout Season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy has displayed a disinterest in dieting and exercising to lose weight.

The Slaton sisters got a head start on the new season by checking out of rehab ahead of schedule. After just 60 pounds had been lost, Tammy decided to leave the treatment centre rather than staying until she reached her 100-pound weight reduction target. When Tammy and her new nurse, Tisa got into an argument, she proceeded to demonstrate her resistance to getting in shape.

Tammy has been advised to take brief walks by the caregiver, but the diva is adamant in her refusal. Only when Tisa shouted at the television personality did Tammy muster up the bravery to take a few steps forward in the process. Fans were perplexed as to why Tammy had given up on her capacity to move around after demonstrating her ability to get out of her chair.

Fans who weighed more than 1000 pounds expressed their dissatisfaction with Tammy and her willingness to be stuck in her bed. It has been suggested that Tammy sees being bedridden as the next stage in her downward weight reduction quest, with one Reddit member stating that this explains “why [Tammy] is so sad and fatalistic.”

The majority of viewers feel that Tammy has continually indicated that she has given up on attempting to turn her life around in the same way that Amy has done.

Tammy Saton

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The food addiction of one pessimistic admirer has already gotten the better of her, with the following statement: “Honestly [Tammy] might just want to die eating instead of going on a diet.”

Unfortunately, Tammy’s routine of regressing from her weight loss ambitions proves that her desire to give up outweighs her drive to reclaim her health. Another commenter agreed, “[Tammy’s] in a spot where she’s just accepted it and she wants to live her last years or months indulging in… food.”

Tammy and Amy were told that if they didn’t make a commitment to decreasing weight, they might end up like the 1000-pound Sisters, confined to their beds.

Tammy’s adamant unwillingness to move even a few steps and her gradual weight gain have led some admirers to believe that the reality star is truly open to losing her mobility and abandoning her diet. Hopefully, Tammy will prove the 1000-pound Sisters fans incorrect and will begin each and every morning by getting out of her bed.

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