Tanner Fox Net Worth 2022:Why Is Tanner So Famous?

Tanner Fox net worth: Tanner Fox is an American actor, stuntman, and YouTube personality. He is best known for the videos on his YouTube channel and the adventurous way he lives. He joined the platform for sharing videos at a very young age and became very popular very quickly. As of now, he has more than 10 million subscribers and lives in a mansion with Jordan Beau, Maverick, and other successful YouTubers. Tanner Fox became famous after he joined YouTube and started posting videos of his life and adventures. Here we’ll talk about Tanner Fox net worth, his salary,  his age, and a lot more.

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Tanner Fox Early Life


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On December 22, 1999, he was born in San Diego, California. He is the younger of Bill and Ronda Fox’s two kids. He has a sister named Lindsay who is a little over a year older than him. When he was nine, his parents split up because of problems, and he hasn’t been close to his biological father since. Tanner was raised in San Diego, California, by his mother, Ronda. She is a real estate agent, and she just got married to Steve, her long-term boyfriend.

Most of Tanner’s childhood was spent with his sister Lindsey. She was born in March 1998 and is also a YouTuber. Both of them have made a lot of videos for YouTube, and Lindsey has also been in some of her brother’s early projects. Tanner never liked school, so when he was a teenager, he took up stunt riding as a hobby. He rode scooters, skateboards, and hoverboards, among other things.


After completing primary school in the area, he enrolled in Sacred Heart High School, a private institution, but was expelled after just one year. He was probably kicked out of school because he secretly taped a classmate without their knowledge or permission.

Tanner Fox Career

Tanner Fox Net Worth
Tanner Fox Net Worth

In early September 2011, he launched his channel on YouTube. He soon found himself uploading a new video every week in which he rode a new car. His earliest clips are from late 2011, and they’re called things like “straight v2 deck snap,” “Dakota Schultz and pals throwaway,” “faceplate fail,” and “Tanner’s first inward briflip.”

Throughout his early adolescence, from late 2011 until late 2015, Tanner primarily shared videos of himself riding gadgets and performing various tasks. His prolific vlogging career began in December 2015 with a report from his first journey outside of the United States. The YouTuber’s popularity skyrocketed in the middle of the 2010s. Tanner Fox has not only been making appearances in his videos but also in podcasts and the works of others.

He began dating Taylor Alesia, another internet celebrity, in 2017. She had a respectable fan base thanks to her YouTube channel and Instagram account. Many of Fox’s most popular and lucrative videos to date include Alesia, such as “My Girlfriend Reacts to My New Lamborghini,” “Reading My Girlfriend’s Instagram Comments,” “My Girlfriend Reacts to My GTR,” and “My Girlfriend Reacts to the Ferrari Launch.” Combined, Tanner’s films have over 13 million views and bring in an estimated $500,000 each year.

Apart from his highly successful YouTube channel, he has also established himself as an actor, appearing in several TV shows as a main cast member. In 2006, he made his acting debut on the hit CW series “Charmed,” as young Wyatt. He has also been in ads for the “Exy Trick starter Stunt Scooter” and the upcoming horror movie “Be Our Guests” (both of which came out in 2019).

Tanner has released his first single, titled “We Do It Better,” just like every other internet celebrity. Fox, Dylan Matthew, and his former girlfriend, Taylor Alessia, worked together on the song. A music video for it premiered online in July 2017. The video has been seen more than 59 million times, making it his most popular upload to date.

 Tanner Fox Net Worth

 Tanner Fox Net Worth
Tanner Fox Net Worth

He has 10.5 million YouTube subscribers, and each of his videos gets an average of 1 million to 2 million views. He also has 4.3 million Instagram followers, and each of his posts gets an average of 100 to 200 thousand likes. He has 3.7 million Tik Tok followers. In addition to his channel and business, he is a brand ambassador for well-known American scooter companies. He also makes a lot of money from endorsements. Reports say that Tanner Fox net worth is $6 million.

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Tanner Fox Personal Life

Taylor Alesia, who is famous on Instagram and a model, is his ex-girlfriend. In 2017, not long after they started dating, he broke up with Taylor Alesia. After they broke up, Tanner Fox started dating Avalon Nadfalusi. In 2020, the famous scooter rider broke the news of their breakup on YouTube. He is currently single.

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