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The Glory Season 1 Ending Explained As K-Drama Gears For Part 2 In March

The Glory Season 1 Ending Explained As K-Drama Gears For Part 2 In March

The Glory Season 1 Ending Explained As K-Drama Gears For Part 2 In March

The Glory Season 1:On December 30th, the first season of The Glory, starring Song Hye Kyo, was released on Netflix. The first episode of the Korean thriller lived up to the high expectations set for it. As the March return of the second season of The Glory approaches, we take a look back at the series’ thrilling conclusion.

The Glory is a steaming hot revenge thriller on Netflix starring Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Jung Sung Il, and Lim Ji Yeon about a bully victim named Dong Eun who gets a job teaching at the same elementary school as the bully’s child attends. Dong Eun, played by Song Hye Kyo, keeps audiences guessing because she maintains her humanity after giving up all for justice. The slow-burn K-drama cliche is expertly executed in The Glory, making it a new fan favorite alongside the thriller narrative.

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Explained: The End Of The Glory Season 1

The Glory Season 1

At end of The Glory Season 1 showed that some secrets are meant to be out in the open, even if they have been kept hidden for a while. At the end of part 1, the criminal Yeon Jin stands right in front of Dong Eun’s evidence of their crimes, and her husband Do Yeong walks in.

Along with the ending scene, what shocked viewers the most was when Dong Eun’s future “partner in crime,” Yeo Jeong, found out that Sohee’s body was missing from the morgue. Myeong wanted to use Sohee’s death to blackmail Yeon Jin. If Sohee’s body is missing, it could mean that Dong Eun tricked Myeong or that Yeon Jin used her power to make the body disappear.

The Glory Season 1 Of All The Death

The Glory Season 1 had a lot of deaths and murders, including Mr. Kim, Dong Eun’s homeroom teacher, who was killed by his own son, and Myeong, Dong Eun’s bully, who was also killed.

As the story goes on, it seems that the same person may have killed both Sohee and Myeong.

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The Glory Part 2: Theories 


To find out if Yeon Jin’s spouse chooses to back Dong Eun in her quest for vengeance, and to learn more about Lee Do Hyun’s character Yeon Jeong, who has a rather dark psyche of his own, viewers will have to wait for Part 2 of The Glory.

The chemistry between Moon Dong Eun and Do Young has also piqued the interest of viewers, who are curious as to which side Do Young would ultimately choose.

After a brief introduction in the first season, Yeo Jeong’s darker side will be explored in greater depth in the upcoming second season.
Fans of the first season of The Glory won’t have to wait too long for the second, which is scheduled to premiere on Netflix in March 2023.

If you’re interested in learning more about the unfolding drama, keep reading.

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