Why Women Kill Season 3 Is Third Instalment In Development? Latest Updates

Why Women Kill will return to the subject of its title question shortly. Marc Cherry, the brains behind the hit anthology programs Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids, revealed on Dec. 15 that the show will be returning for a third season.

Why Women Kill explores the intricate lives of its female characters with a style, charm, and dark humor only Marc Cherry can provide,” Nicole Clemens, president of Paramount Plus’ original scripted series branch, said in a press release. “We can’t wait to share the new cast of riveting, scandalous characters Marc Cherry has created when the series returns for its third season.”

It’s reasonable to assume that, based on Clemens’ assessment that the program “ranks inside the top 10 shows on Paramount Plus,” viewers will be ready to push play on the upcoming season. What do we know about Why Women Kill Season 3 now that it has been officially renewed? Who do fans want to see in the cast and when could new episodes actually air?

Why Women Kill Season 3 Release Date

There is no set debut date for Season 3 of this delightful dramedy, despite its renewal. For the first two seasons, which premiered in August 2019 and June 2021, the fans may have to wait until summer 2023 for the third.

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Why Women Kill Season 3 Cast

As of now, the only actor who has been consistent throughout the two seasons is Jack Davenport, who first appeared as Simone’s third husband, Karl Grove, Season 1 before taking over as the narrator in Season 2.

Some fans are hoping that Lana Parrilla, who played a wealthy socialite in Season 2 and has reportedly stated that she wants to work with Cherry once more like fellow TV impresario Ryan Murphy, will return for Season 3. It’s unclear who (if anyone) will be back for Season 3, but we’ll likely see a whole new cast take the screen for the third installment.why women kill season 3

Why Women Kill Season 1 Summary

In the first season of Why Women Kill, violence and history collided as three women’s experiences with infidelity were examined. Beth Ann, a housewife (Ginnifer Goodwin of Once Upon Time fame), Simone, a socialite (Lucy Liu), and Taylor, a modern-day lawyer with an open marriage, where the three women who all resided in the same Pasadena home at various periods in time (Kirby Howell-Baptiste, The Good Place).

“I am infatuated with ‘Beth Ann’ and her struggle navigating truth, loyalty, tragedy, sanity, and 1960s gender roles,” Goodwin told Parade in 2019 of her character. “The thrill for me about Why Women Kill is that I feel I’ve been challenged beyond my boundaries, whether they’re inherent or boundaries that I’ve set for myself over the course of my career.”

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Why Women Kill Season 2 Plot

Season 2 was a complete departure from the first, with a new cast and a new structure. It was set in 1949 and starred Allison Tolman’s character Alma (from Fargo), a plump Los Angeles housewife who aspires to be accepted into the exclusive garden club social circle of Patricio Parrilla’s character. Alma also realizes that her spouse has a surprising secret in keeping with the show’s premise.

“There’s something about doing a limited series and knowing where your character is going to be, where they’re going to start, and where they’re going to finish up,” Tolman previously told CBS Los Angeles of her one-season run on the show. “I was really interested in building that arc for her and how she went from a woman who felt like she has no agency and no control over her own life to a woman who has a little bit of power.”

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